World Language Program / Nuclear Survival / Ark Two     presents

The New Three Rs
- every one will have to learn after a Nuclear War -
or other world-wide catastrophe
(but that most people aren't yet ready to even think about)

1. Reconstruction - of society
                          2. Recovery - of production
                                       3. Renewal - of religion

And a fourth R for the present -
4. Resources - for nuclear war survival

by Bruce M. Beach

Radiological Scientific Officer

The Purpose Of These Pages

Our goal is to put essential information for reorganization, recovery and renewal - after a catastrophe such as nuclear war - onto this web site and onto one or two CDs and to make free distribution of these CDs in such a manner that they will be available to survivors of the catastrophe that we feel is now inevitable. While we do not know what form a catastrophe may take, still with the number of nuclear weapons that there are in the world, there is the very great possibility that it may be nuclear. We also realise that in the immensity and intensity of Divine Retribution the very equilibrium of the planet itself may be disturbed.

In the past we have assisted many hundreds of people in obtaining thousands of pieces of radiation detection equipment and we have given away hundreds of pieces to those who could not afford them. We simply no longer have the time to do that but we have stockpiled, tested and labeled hundreds of radiation detection devices (currently worth tens of thousands of dollars) that we will give away to those people that we have to turn away from the door of the shelter.

At that time - the Resources for Survival information on this site will be of considerably less use because we will be past the time to prepare but we have assembled survival guidance material to handout at the door of the shelter to people for whom we have insufficient room in the shelter to accomodate. In December 2001 we completed a series of 4 twenty-minute videos, on such subjects as building an expedient shelter, which we hope to be able to show to the same group of people.

The plan is to train Radiological Instructors while in the shelter so that they can go out afterwards and train monitoring teams. Equipment has also been stockpiled for these teams.

For over forty years my wife and I have made an intensive effort to alert people to the threat and to urge them to prepare for it. I could never have done alone all that we have done together. For weeks she stood at my side and helped load two printing presses for imprinting of over one-hundred thousand booklets which we gave away absolutely free. Since the advent of the Internet untold thousands more booklets have been downloaded in a printable format for printing and distribution by many other people.

We used many ways of getting the information out to the public. We sent out tens of thousands of pieces of literature through the mails. We set up booths at numerous fairs, I appeared on many dozens of TV and radio programs, many of national and international scope, and there were so many newspaper and magazine articles written about the Ark Two that we long ago lost count. Literally, multiple millions of people heard about our efforts. And we have never charged anyone a penny for any of the information.

Once the Internet became popular, it surpassed all our other efforts of informing people. The interest in our web pages grew to where we get thousands of hits each day. Sometimes, at a period of particular interest it can be tens of thousands. Once, during one three hour period there were over 85,000 hits which completely swamped the system and the server had to pull the plug. Within hours our webmaster had the url rerouted to a new dedicated server directly on the backbone and we were back up. The site was eventually mirrored at over 30 locations. We have no idea how many hits daily there are on all the sites combined.

All this pales, however, compared to our present goal of making recovery information available for the survivors. It is doubtful that the Internet will be working as it is today but if segments of it can be gotten back up then perhaps some of the information can eventually be distributed over more local areas. For this reason we are going to try to get copies of the CDs out to widely distributed ISPs and ask them to retain them for installation on their servers afterwards. Another thought is if people can find a quantity of blank CDs they can take and duplicate the master CDs and distribute them about their geographical area so that those who can get a computer going with local emergency power - will be able to access the information. Any other strategies or suggestions for distribution would be greatly appreciated. We would like for this information to be shared as broadly as possible.

Recovery Information

Some of our key web pages deal with measuring radiation in food and strategies of dealing with radiation in the soil and food chain. There is information available here that I am not aware of being available anywhere else on the web. It spans from the practical "how to" to the highly theoretical necessary for professionals to set up laboratories. I am a Radiological Scientific Officer and I can assure you that this is the necessary and correct information.

Many of our web pages deal with the technical aspects of small scale farming such as seed saving, fertilizers, crop management and so forth - and many others deal with alternate energy sources and still other subjects necessary to successful small farming, which will have to be a main focus of recovery.

A great many of our resources deal with old Pioneering skills. We cannot just go back to the old ways. We have lost many of the skills. No one had them all then and you would be hard put today to find a wheelwright, a miller, a tanner, a barrel maker. All those trades, like farming, have advanced into modern technology and the present experts seldom have used the old ways. Many of the old implements are no longer around and we certainly don't have the horses. Modern horses are neither bred nor conditioned to pull the plow. Still, in the skills of the past we may find solutions to the problems of the moment.

Beyond recovery there are many web pages, that are a part of this collection, that deal with the subject of the Reconstruction of Society and the Renewal of Religion. These are issues to which men's thought will have to eventually progress but I shall not belabor the point in this overview.

Our Library

Our personal library is very extensive. At one time I counted 13 encyclopedias. These are mostly specialized - like a 14 volume set on gardening and another 16 volume set on do-it-yourself repairs. There are others on health and medicine and a variety of other subjects.

We have also acquired CDs with hundreds of books and one summer put a crew to work microfilming thousands of documents which we have on microfiche. These, plus many many books, are in just our own home but our Ark Two Community librarian is the real gatherer of information - he has many thousands of books, mostly on technology for recovery.

In the future, when people want it, we hope to be able to disseminate all this information widely. There are many blind spots in our library. We have little information on modern technology and almost no information on leading edge technology. Members of our Ark Two community are of far more than average knowledge about nuclear and computers but there are many, many fields such as in modern metallurgy, petroleum refining, hundreds of specialties in chemistry, medicine, and untold numbers of other areas that the expertise to re-establish them will have to survive with the experts - if they are going to be recovered in the immediate decades following.

One major focus of our library has been maps, in order to determine where that expertise may reside. We have thousands of maps. Local road maps. Topographical maps. More and more maps on an expanding scale. We have every map ever published by the National Geographic. We have CDs with map search programs. North American and World Atlases. The list goes on. One map set which we were very desirous of obtaining cost thousands of dollars (far beyond our budget) from the US government. It comes with a subscription program for real-time updating and the printed book is reprinted annually. A marvelous tool for demographers tracking changing patterns - but one used copy would serve our purposes. Miraculously, on the Internet we found a library discard copy - at a fraction of the cost.

Other associates of ours are providing us with gigabytes of survival information on CDs. Our problem has not been so much one of obtaining information but determining on which to concentrate our limited resources for storing and cataloging. Tons of information is of no use, if you have no way of finding what you want in it. In early years we were given literally tons of new books by libraries and publishers. Expensive new technical volumes that often cost over a hundred dollars each - but we finally had to abandon that effort simply because of lack of storage space and manpower to handle it. Tons had to be destroyed simply because we could not, even with weeks of searching, find a way to transport them to Third World countries who were desirous of having them.

So the problem of the moment has not been getting information but one of determining which information is going to be most useful to survivors. What we offer in these pages, measuring radiation contamination in food, producing food without the modern technology and its skills, finding alternate sources of energy, recovering and repairing remaining machinery, creating the nucleus of an economic system and restoring the basis of functioning society - information on how to do these things - are what we feel will be most needed at the outset. It is our sincerest hope that we will be able to get it to the people who need it and that they will find it useful.

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1. Reconstruction of Society after Nuclear War
Since most people think that all-out nuclear war is not survivable, either individually or for society, and since somehow most intellectuals feel that to make positive plans for its aftermath would seem to somehow advocate or condone it - there is absolutely no scholarly discussion on this subject. In these pages I give some direction for the
Reconstruction of Society
along with critiques of ideas on the
New World Order
and my personal predominant area of effort - which is the development of the
World Language Program

The "Reconstruction" Site Map
is immediately below
Reconstruction of Society After Nuclear War

Immediate Reconstruction of Local Society

    Martial Law: Domestic Support Operations

    Martial Law: Reconstruction of Social Order

    Martial Law: Internment and Resettlement Operations

    Camps: Standards for Building Refugee Camps

    Health:Field Hygiene and Sanitation

    Toilets: Unsewered Toilets

    Rescue: Basic Rescue Skills

    Death: Mass body disposal

      Dead Animal Disposal

      Animal Disposal During an Epidemic

      How To Make A Fumigating Mask

      How To Make An Emergency Gas Mask.pdf

      Danger of Dog Packs

    Medical: Emergency Medical Facilities

      Medical: When There is No Doctor - Locked

      Medical: When There is No Dentist - Locked

LETS: Reconstruction of the Economic System

Carnegie: Management of Large Scale Enterprise - Table of Content

The New World Order - An Introduction

The World Language Program

2. Recovery from Nuclear War

This is the page that I am currently trying hardest to interest people in. It has to do with individual recovery after a nuclear war and deals primarily with the subject of agriculture. For those who have prepared for nuclear survival this is the next level of thought.

The "Recovery" Site Map
is immediately below

Individual Agricultural Recovery After Nuclear Holocaust

Radiation in Food

Farming After A Nuclear War

Alternate Energy

Simple Technology

Pioneer Methods

3. Renewal of Religion after Nuclear War

Nothing occurs except by the Decisive or Permissive Will of God. Many will ask - if God is Good why did He permit a nuclear war? From the link in the above title I answer that question and present a number of short religious essays intended to help people fulfill God's Divine Purpose coming out of the nuclear war.

The "Renewal" Site Map
is immediately below

Renewal of Religion

Why God Would Permit Nuclear War

Essays on Religion - Premises

Seaching the OCEAN of God's Word

Meditation and the Path of Prayer

Prophecies in the Stars

4. Resources for Survival of Nuclear War

In recent years this subject has been the main entry page to this site. All the pages of survival material are still here and you can go to them by clicking on the above heading.

The "Resources" Site Map
is immediately below

Resources for Survival of Nuclear Holocaust

State by State - Survival Information

The Ark Two Community

Radiation and Detectors

Free Books for Downloading

Ark Two Programs

Shelter Building (+ offsite links)

Filtering Air in a shelter

Free Consultation on Shelter Building