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POP09 - The Soul of Self

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The first of the four types of souls
that I shall discuss
is the type that there are the most of..

This is the Soul of Self.
This type of Soul well loves God,
and is well beloved of God.

The possessors of this type of soul
are the very backbone and foundation
of society.

As with all types of souls
their strengths can become their weaknesses
if they are misused.

As with all types of souls
they have their preference as to type of religion,
type of employment,
type of enjoyment and association.

These souls delight in order,
and when properly trained and educated
are highly respectful of authority.

Every religion whether Christian, Moslem, Jewish,
or any other,
has branches (sects) that provides a haven for these souls,
just as they have branches
that provide havens for other types.

Some may consider the Catholic church
to be a monolithic sect
but it is not
and that is why there are many different Orders
within it
so as to provide havens for the different types of souls.

The same is true of every religious system
and since things are never black and white
but rather a continuum and spectrum
from the brightness of the noon day sun
to the darkness of night -
a spectrum that includes dawn and dusk,
sunrise and sunset,
there is naught that one can speak on
but that some will eagerly point out the exceptions.

Birds fly,

Fish swim, and live in the water Those who would be argumentative
can always find some evidence to bolster their position.
Nothing is pure in this world.
All is relative.

All men contain some feminine characteristics,
and all women some masculine characteristics.
The brightest among us will have some intellectual blind spots,
the dullest will occasionally have a brilliant insight
whether they will recognize it or not.

Still we can distinguish noon from midnight,
and the cold of winter
from the heat of summer.
And in like manner
we can make the distinction between the types of souls.

Although many organizations
attract several types of souls
Within those organizations that attract a single type
there is often a division of activities
that still further singles out those with some degree
of the qualities found predominately in the other types.

By this latter, I mean, that in organizations
that serve those of the Soul of Self,
there will be some individuals who will still fill
administrative or creative functions
although these are not primary qualities of this type of soul,
but those individuals will have those qualities (in a mixed degree)
more than others in the organization.

In discussing this first type of soul,
I am also discussing some generalities that apply to all types.
One thing that should be noted
is that soul characteristics do not appear to be inherited,
like blood type or skin color.
Any couple may have offspring
of any soul type.
(Among my half dozen children and dozen grandchildren,
I have had every type that there is).

Thus comes the danger
of trying to force children into your own paths.
Though you may be musically inclined
a child may not be at all,
or vice versa - very inclined in that way
where you are not at all.

The examples that I could give in this regard
are so numerous, but also so obvious,
that I will not even begin to list them.
Nevertheless, so very, very often,
children are directed into paths that do not really suit them,
and consequently they neither find the joy in life that they might,
nor do they begin to fulfill the potential that they might
in another field.

The nature of a child
needs to be recognized at a very young age,
because the training to gain full potential
needs to begun very early.
Once the child has been forced into a path
unnatural to its proclivity
it has no choice but to mature in that path
the best that it can
because a full turn around
cannot be accomplished.
But that is the nature of our present world.

So much for generalities.
Back to the soul of self.
This soul, in its search for order,
seeks that order in its family,
its government,
its schools and education,
and its employment.

These souls can become skilled technicians.
Learning, knowing, applying
in great depth
the rules, regulations, formulas and details
of their disciplines and professions.

They also can find fulfillment
as craftsmen, merchants, tradesmen.
Our society, and all societies,
are very dependent upon their contributions.
Their employment is often as electricians,
and plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics.
Farmers and soldiers.
Indeed they are the backbone of the military,
filling the ranks
and the roles of the non-commissioned officers.

Unfortunately, souls of other types
can also be found in those positions.
They often do a satisfactory job,
but they themselves are never truly satisfied,
because the positions do not match and fulfill their needs.

Community service clubs, and veteran's organizations
have great numbers of members of souls of this type.
They most often have a very similar social and political outlook.
They would prefer to see more order in society,
and are often distressed (and angry) at the disorder that they see,
at the lack of obedience to established rules,
and the lack of conformity to the standards that they admire
and appreciate.

As I have stated before,
each soul can turn its capacities for good
in the opposite direction
and thus it is that we also find
the major occupants of our prisons
to be souls of this type.

In their misdirected pursuits
they often fill the lower types of bars
involve themselves as participants or observers
in the more violent sports.
Indeed their interests in every activity
from work, to entertainment, to sex, to diet,
can become oriented towards the most base and physical.
They make up the class of petty criminals,
and are the main statistic behind violent crime.

Every type of soul likes

and participates in
and becomes a part of
but the distinction can be seen in
the varieties and types of responses
between the various types of souls.

For each type of soul,
there are types of music, food, entertainment,
participation in government, religion, work and family,
that are beneficial and specific to that type of soul,
and there also other types of
music, food, entertainment
and so forth
that are not beneficial.

In future discussion of other types of souls,
I shall make some comparative references
to the nature of this soul in regards to its search for Truth
and also to some of the requirements for the
spiritual training of this type of soul.
But, enough for now.
Next time on to the second type of soul.

Peace and love,
Bruce Beach

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