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POP02 - Ouiji

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This is a continuation of the POP
(Power of Prophecy or Problems of Prophecy) series
that I am presenting,
in which I am sharing some of my own experiences
in that field of search.

I had long researched in this area
when my wife and I
had occasion to stay overnight with friends
on our way to Hollywood
where I was to see my book agent.

While our hostess was preparing supper
I took down one of a large number of 3 ring binder volumes
that were on a shelf above the sofa on which we were sitting.
There were numerous typed accounts
with dates and names
of great numbers of sessions with individuals.

Therein I read a dialog with a particular individual,
in which it was foretold that he would die in an airplane accident.
Hmmm, said I, to myself.
Taking the volume I went out to the kitchen
and addressed my hostess.

(Knowing that I would know that it was dis-recommended
by her current religion.)
I continued ---
(More philosophical discussion about its use and accuracy and then
after supper my wife and I sit down with the Board between us,
and direction from our host and hostess from across the room.)

(I called upon the name of a well known Spiritual Leader, I might say
a prophet (with a small p) that had ascended into the next world.)

(Now that was ridiculous. I knew there was a Salem Massachusetts
and a Salem in the Carolinas where they had burned the witches,
but we were in Utah and headed West. The OPPOSITE direction. So, how
in the world was I going to end up in Salem? I asked.)

(More ridiculous still. So it thought we were going to Massachusetts, but we were heading for Hollywood by the Southern route. I was now ready to reject this non-sense, so I asked a sarcastic question.

(And so we had a good laugh about it and put the silly thing away).

Less than two weeks later,
through a very odd set of events,
we ended up without any choice
in Salem, Oregon
that I didn't even previously know to exist.

(knowing the Source)
and never used such a thing again.

In previous years,
I had read books about phrenology,
palm reading,
tea leaf reading,
crystal ball gazing
and so forth,
but this was my only personal experience
or experimentation.

The problem with these things
(and other things like drugs and channeling)
is that they work -
in the beginning.
But eventually they lead you down a wrong path
of dependence and ineffectuality.

I could go into much more detail about these matters,
along with other subjects such as
Brain Washing
and a variety of other phenomena
but that is not the purpose of this presentation.

Common sense will tell you,
if you look upon abusers of these phenomena
(any use is abuse)
that their practitioners benefit no more
than alcoholics do from alcohol.

Practicing alcoholics BELIEVE they benefit from alcohol,
as fortune tellers believe they benefit from fortune telling,
but you only need to look at the quality of their lives.
If they could really derive such benefits as they claim,
they would pick the winning lottery tickets,
or at least good investments in the stock market,
and would live a much different lifestyle
from than that in which one usually finds them in.

I only report this incident to you
that you may know that I have traveled
all these avenues.

Today I know many people, personally,
who are dependent on astrology, channeling and such.
I now have a large accumulation of evidence
that it is not beneficial.

It is like trying alcohol or drugs.
If you never take the first drink
you will never become addicted.
But like with smoking,
it may be hard to get started,
but it is a lot harder to stop.
So, just don't do it.

Peace and love,
Bruce Beach

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