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Alternate Energy

Table of Contents:

Overview: On Alternate Energy.

Electricity: Make your own

Bikes: Not just for riding

Smokemobile: Woodgas

Biofuel: Grow it on the farm

Stills: Make your own fuel from potatoes, corn, etc.

Solar: Using the sun for energy.

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Individual Agriculural Recovery
After Nuclear Holocaust

The Problem of Producing Your Own

There are many problems in developing and installing independent power systems. For one thing the government is not helpful. To say the least. It is not just our project that finds these hurdles but many others have been stopped also. In the second previous century our local water courses were used for power but in the last hundred years everything possible has been done to prevent their use, including dynamiting what was the main local power producing dam. The government centralized production for economies of scale and did not want competition. Then during the depression when costs were such that the farmers could not afford the electricity from the monopoly the farmers again started a generator at the dam and this is when the system was taken back over by the government and the dam dynamited.

With all the surplus rotting potatoes in the area we might also make a still and produce fuel for our diesel generators. But, presently, there is a $100,000 annual fine for doing so. We will simply have to wait for a more propitious time.

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