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POP25 - Manifestation

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And now
to my final explanation of the paradigm.
Next time on to the proofs,
but remember the only goal now
is to comprehend -
not to necessarily believe.

I have covered where and when we are,
and now on to who we are.

This is:

3. An analogy of "Manifestation"
This deals in part,
with who we are,
as a race.

And who we are
ties into when we are.
To clarify the Biblical Paradigm.

Adam was the first man.
In actuality, there were a Thousand Adams.
Simply lost to history.
In fact, all the Adams,
were pre-historic.

The question is what is an Adam.
Or for that matter what is a man.
To be a first man.
To be distinguished from the animals.

Man has certain unique characteristics.
Abstract thought.
These are all facets of man's unique intellect,
that distinguishes him from the animal.

No animal could have explained to it,
that the sun stands relatively still,
and the earth circles about it,
nor even that 2+2 equals four.
(Yes, I have seen the trick
of counting horses and dogs.)

The GREATEST of all abstract thoughts,
is the comprehension of God.
This is what truly distinguishes man
from the animals.
Therefore, the first to Recognize God,
is who we call the First Man.

Because God is Infinite, and Man finite,
it is God that must Reveal Himself to Man.
Man is incapable of discovering his Creator on his own.
The pot can never comprehend the potter.

Thus it is, in the scheme of things,
that God chooses One to reveal Himself through.
This One we call a Manifestation of God.

To give an analogy.
Consider Betelgeuse.
The largest known star.
A red giant.
If someone were to point into a telescope mirror,
and say:

someone else of a literal mind might reply.
And then if the first one were to break the mirror,
and on a subsequent night
pick up a different mirror
and say to the skeptic:
The skeptic could reply,
Many analogies of this type could be given.
The image that you see on this TV or on another.
The light that appears in this lamp,
or another.
All being the same energy.
All having come from the same source.

To say that is Bob Hope on this TV,
and Bob Hope on that TV is understandable.
To say that it is Betelgeuse in this mirror,
and Betelgeuse in that mirror is understandable.
To say that the light in this lamp,
and the light in that lamp,
are both from the same source is understandable.

And so it is with the Manifestation of God.
There is but one God
(as there is but one Betelgeuse)
and whether He selects one Mirror,
or another,
in which to appear,
He remains the One God.

God is Infinite.
(There is no comparison between God and Betelgeuse).
There is no way that Betelgeuse
could be contained in a mirror,
and no way that God
could be contained in a Mirror.

Yet, all we know of Betelgeuse or other stars,
is what we see in the mirror.
And all that we know of God
is what we see in the Mirror
(the Manifestation).

To look at the mirror and say,

To look at the Mirror (the Manifestation)
and say,
But to think that Betelgeuse
can be "contained" in the mirror,
is illogical.
And to think that God can be "contained"
in the Mirror (Manifestation)
is illogical.
But, nevertheless,
this is what those who believe in Incarnation, believe.
Those who believe that Jesus, was God incarnate.
But, what Jesus, was,
was the MANIFESTATION of God.
Not God incarnate.
If the distinction is not important to you
then not to worry about it.
None of us comprehend the nature of God
nor our relationship to Him,
and certainly not the Manifestation's relationship
to Him.

But any way, according to this paradigm,
God MANIFESTS Himself,
(Makes Himself known unto men)
through some individual that He selects.
The distinction here,
between Christian Theology is that God can
Manifest Himself as often as He likes.

The Manifestations have told us that
God selects only one individual at a time
(on any given planet)
and usually about once every thousand years.
Since God makes Himself known
to all His Creatures,
given the billions of planets throughout the Universe,
it is possible, even probable,
that many Manifestations,
must be occurring simultaneously.

The key to all this is,
that the ONLY thing that we can know about God,
is what He tells us about Himself,
through His Manifestations.

But, the key also is,
that we must RECOGNIZE the Manifestation.
Individuals recognize the Manifestation,
and because of His influence on their lives,
whole civilizations
come to pay at least lip service to His Station.

Those who do not Truly see the Light,
confuse the Light with the Lamp.
They begin to worship the Messenger,
instead of the Message.

If the Light appears in a different Lamp,
the Blind will not see it,
but may continue to do obeisance to the Lamp,
that has now been extinguished.

Each of the Manifestations
have bestowed upon Them Innate knowledge.
They know ALL the answers.
But Their hearers are not capable of hearing them.
The teacher of First Grade students,
may know just as much
as the teacher of Sixth Grade students,
but the students are just not ready to understand.

Each of the Manifestations,
bring two sets of Teachings.

suitable for the people and the Time.

Thus it is that Adam taught that there was a God.

He also gave social teachings regarding
Later, there came another Manifestation of God.
He reinforced and ENLARGED upon
the Spiritual Teachings of Adam.
He said, Yes, there is God,
but God must be worshipped as a Spirit,
not as the idols that you make with your own hands.

There is an interesting story regarding this in the Koran.
Abraham's father's profession was as an idol maker.
One day when the father returned he found that Abraham
had destroyed all the idols, except the largest one.

We call that form of worship
practiced by the followers of Abraham - animism.
Like with the North American Indians,
the Spirit is in the Trees, the Wind,
the Water, and so forth.

There are many interesting things
that I could write about Abraham,
but I suspect my essays are too long already.

The Bible tells how he had three wives.
And each was promised
to become the mother of nations.
The Bible tells about
the descendants of one wife, Sarah.
But other nations
track their lineage to the other wives.

Abraham established a new social order.
He sent his brother in one direction
with His brother's sons and their wives and flocks,
and He Himself went the other with His.
This was the beginning of Nomadic Tribes.
A much advanced social order
over that of the Adamic period,
with one male and many wives.
When an organization of the new social order
with many males,
met an organization of the old social order
with one male.
it was a wipe out for the old social order.

Later came Moses.
The people had returned to idol worship.
(The story of the Golden Calf).

Moses also taught a larger social order.
Rather than just nomadic family tribes,
the Children of Israel were organized into 12 Tribes.
There were thousands in each Tribe.
When an organization of the new social order
with thousands of males,
met an organization of the old social order
with a few males,
it was a wipe out for the old social order.

Moses also gave many other social teachings,
both in the Ten Commandments,
and Books of the Law.
But I will pass over these.

In due time,
there came as promised by Moses,
the next Manifestation.
For Who was He,
if not the one Promised to the Jews?
And He taught a new Spiritual Teaching,
that God is a God of Love.
And he taught a new social teaching,
upon which there were built city states.
(Render unto Caesar that which belongs unto Caesar,
and unto God that which belongs unto God).
Leading unto a much stronger social order,
that allowed for the organization of people
who were not even related to each other,
as were the 12 Tribes of Israel.
And He, Jesus, promised unto them another,
the Paraclete,
as understood by those who recognized Mohammed.

And Mohammed brought a new
and Higher Spiritual Teaching.

Philosophically comprehended
by the Christians and Jews of Europe,
as a result of the Crusades,
and then spread to Judaism
and most of Christianity
(The Mormons are still not monotheistic).

Mohammed also brought new social teachings.
The establishment of Nations.
Even secular historians recognize Him for this.
The law that we call Blackstone Law,
or the Common Law of Europe
is not to be found in the Bible,
but rather is in the Koran.

When organizations of the new social order,
met organizations of the old social order,
it was of course a wipe out
for the old social orders.

I could write volumes
on all these matters.
But have probably written too much already.

The latest of the Manifestations to come,
are the Twin Manifestations
(One immediately after the Other)
of the Bab and Baha'u'llah.

They have brought a new Spiritual Teaching,

They have also brought new social teachings.
There is so much more that I could write,
about Other Manifestations.
Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster.
There is so much more that I could write,
about the New Teachings,
and the Destiny of the Human Race.

But the time has come for
you to think about this new paradigm.
About who we are.

A view quite different from the Christian view.
This is a view in which we are at The Beginning,
rather than at the Ending.

A view in which
we are having our relationship to God,
being Progressively taught to us
by the Manifestations of God,
rather than a view
in which all truth has already been revealed.
A view in which we are at the beginning of maturity,
rather than at the end.

A view in which,
once again the Manifestation of God,
has come to Mankind,
and it is the responsibility of every individual
to recognize Him and serve Him.
This is the ONLY salvation for us.
Individually or collectively.
Because, whether we desire it or not,
who we ALL are is
the servants of God.
(Obedient or disobedient, and that is who we are).

This is the paradigm
that I have asked you to comprehend.
The matter of acceptance and belief
comes next.
For that there needs to be proof.
And for that I shall continue next -
with the Most Clear Proof.

Peace and Love,

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