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POP11 - The Soul of Reason

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The third type of the four types of souls
that I shall discuss
is the Soul of Reason.

This type of Soul seeks God through Reason,
and God showers great bounties upon it.

All men of course possess a rational soul,
as well as a soul with the capacity
for love and obedience.
What determines the type of one's soul
is the predominance of one quality.

Society as a whole possesses a collective soul.
I don't want to make a major philosophical point of this,
because I don't have a major philosophical point,
but we do appear to have a collective consciousness,
and a collective conscience.

Society as a whole goes through stages and cycles.
Maturing or retrograding spiritually.
Most people recognize that we are at the perigee
or low ebb in our present cycle.

But the stage of the maturation of
present day society as a whole
is approximately that of adolescence.

It is interesting to observe how
ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
(that is to say how the individuals history
recapitulates that of the human race).

Yes, there is evolution,
but it is also true that man is a special and unique creation.
The purpose here
is not to get into the theological battles
that so greatly stir the emotions of some souls
but rather to make some observations.

Man (yes man - not some other creature)
began as a single cell in the sea,
and progressed through stages
of multiple cell division.

So also does each individual in his ontogeny
that recapitulates that phylogeny.
First as a single cell then as a multiple cell,
in a private sea,
that has the same saline content as the oceans.
And so shall we continue to ever find it
in our blood and our sweat and our tears.

Through progressive stages in the womb,
having states similar to that of the tadpole,
salamander, and other creatures,
the embryo travels the path of nature,
to obtain the human form.
At one time having this appendage,
and at another time that,
but growing on to what we are today.

In some percentage of births today,
the child is still born with a tail,
but the obstetrician simply separates it from the tailbone,
before sending the infant home.
But, what the physician sends home is a human child,
and such it was from the moment of its conception.
It was never going to grow into a rose or a tiger,
but always into that which it was conceived to be.
Thus it is that the argument between
the Creationists and the Evolutionists is irrelevant,
because while we evolve
we always are, always were, and always will be
what we were created to be.

And the race has continued to progress outside of the womb.
Color blindness has decreased
but centuries ago it was quite common
and in the time of the early Greeks almost universal.
We can tell this from their poetry
that under the bluest skies of the Mediterranean
that in their poetry they took no notice
of the azure blue of the skies
in distinction to the green verdure of the fields.

We know also that the knights of old were relatively short
to the warriors of the present day.
This is visible in the small suits of armor
still displayed in the castles of Europe.

Indeed, induction statistics, from the First World War,
to the Second and later conflicts,
tell us the same, about both these examples.
The race has been, and is, changing (evolving) physically.
But these are not the matters of import to us.
What we are examining here is the spiritual evolution of man.

The race as a whole,
and each individual also,
(through the rules of ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny)
follows certain paths of development.

And so it that an individual child,
first develops the qualities of the Soul of Self.
Seeks gratification in the physical senses,
and the obedience to authority,
the first word it probably making real use of
being the word "No".

The child soon becomes sensitive to emotions,
music and love.
How sensitive a child can be!
And then there begins to develop reason,
the prime facet of this third type of soul.
Psychologists have observed and mapped
the development of the reasoning faculty.
The degrees or relationship and abstractness,
that will be apparent in the child
at mental progressive ages of development
and in what order and stages.

Such is the development of every soul,
from the point of conception and its coming into existence,
on through to its maturity at around the age of fifteen.
Once mature, the soul continues to spiritually develop, or not,
through Seven Stages - through the choice of its will,
and the guidance of its teachers.

These seven stages of spiritual development,
recognized or unrecognized,
take place regardless of the religion to which one belongs
or the church of which one is a member.
But the Seven Stages are another subject,
and one that I shall not cover in this series,
for our purpose here is simply to discover the True Path
and the Source of the True Prophet
so that each one can unravel and discover the Mysteries of Life
for their self.

In this particular letter
it has been my purpose to describe
the third type of soul.
The possessors of this type of soul
provide guidance and reason to society.
While they are not so much its conscience
as those of the second type
they nevertheless are the providers of order
for all.

But as with all types of souls
their strengths can become their weaknesses
if they are misused.

And as with all types of souls
they have their preference as to type of religion,
type of employment,
type of enjoyment and association.

These souls delight in reason and logic,
and when properly trained and educated
help direct society in the paths of science,
and discipline.

These souls can become engineers,
lawyers, philosophers and theologians.
They are also a proper source for doctors,
teachers, lawyers, scientists of every sort,
both in the social and physical fields.

In misdirected pursuits
they lead humanity into materialism,
and greed and inharmony.
They can be the source of great benefit
or great evil, for they bear
the authority of control in society.

In the next and final discussion of the four types of souls,
I shall describe the fourth type of soul
and then go on in later letters to some matters about
the nature of the soul itself
and how it finds Truth.

Peace and love,
Bruce Beach

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