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Making Motors into Electrical Generators

Here is another interesting idea for generating electricity. Using an electrical motor and running it backwards. There will probably be lots of good motors with their bearings and windings intact, after a nuclear war. It will be just a matter of matching it up to a wind, water, bicycle, small engine or other driving source.

How to do it: Using motors as generators

Below is another method of getting electricity out of motors, but one that requires magnets. Finding the magnets to make the modifications will probably be the greater challenge. Still, there will be magnets out there also. One good source would be old speakers. Another is computer harddrives. The magnets can be taken from them and sawed into the shapes desired. I have sawed some magnets, and that can be a bit tricky too, without a diamond saw or disk. However, there will be all sorts of challenges - and ingenuity can overcome many of them. In sawing magnets you don't want to overheat them or they will splinter and crack. They need to be kept cool by water during the process. Odd shaped magnets can be cut into smaller shapes and then reassembled into the desired shape. They will self-adhere but a glue or adhesive can be used for integrity.

A magnet sawed in half cannot have the two part joined back together - the way they came apart. They will then repel each other. Amazing! And I am not sure that even physicists understand why. I have asked several. There is SO much that I DON'T understand about magnets. I spent many bucks and hours developing a lathe to shape magnets. Unsuccessfully. Had the input and assistance of a number of capable tool makers, and still couldn't get it to work.

Not all our experiments are succesful. Indeed, many (most) are not - or certainly have to be greatly modified from our original design plans. We have had GREAT failures with many things that we have tried - all the way from hydroponics, to ships, submarines and robots. With inputs of enough time, money and engineering many things can be accomplished. The problem is that as individuals we are often very limited in all those inputs. The limitations will probably only increase after a nuclear war. That is why I so greatly appreciate hearing about designs that have been tested and proven.

We have also had some exceptional successes, as evidenced by my marketing of my patents and some other, what I think are, notable accomplishments. What I try try to share in many of these pages is not so much "how to do" as an attitude about "trying to do" because I think it is the latter that is going to be very important during nuclear recovery.

Motor 2: Supplementing motors with magnets to make generators

Motor 3: Tape Drive Motors as Generators

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