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Water Powered Generators

Water is Wonderful. Usually even more wonderful than wind because it is usually more constant. What will be more wonderful still - is if you have a suitable source because very few people are so blessed. We have been double blessed at Ark Two because both of our properties sit upon each of one of the twin headwaters of the Pine River.

Below are links to pictures of the sites and on the web page I present details about the power systems designs and how you could apply the principles to other potential waterpower sites in a nuclear recovery situation. Between the two cases you will find an approach for either of the two opportunities you may find - either a low-head or a high-head situation.

Waterfall 1: The Large Waterfall at Ark Two

Waterfall 2: The Smaller Waterfall at our Home

Waterfall 3: Micro Generating with Water.

Pumps: Pumping out power

MENU:  HOME » Reconstruction » Recovery » Renewal » Energy Types