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Simple Technology

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Some of the information regarding Simplified Technology is presently in locked files because it is copyrighted information. The concept behind putting it on this site in that manner is to gather the information now and to archive it in a form that may possibly be disseminated later. Some of the information here could as well as have gone under farming or pioneering skills. There is so much information about using bicyles, that while they might have gone under simple machines, they have gotten a category of their own. The same applies to windmills and waterwheels. Some of the decisions as where to put information have been arbitrary but there is just too much to put it all under one category, so the reader needs to look under all the categories when studying the subject.

Basic Machines: The Basic Principles of Machinery

Simple Machines: Descriptions of Simple Machines

Farm Devices: Patterns for Simple Farm Devices

Scythes: A tool of the centuries

Blacksmithing: An essential technology

Regulator: How to build your own alternator regulator

Float Switch: How to build a float switch

Propane Conversion: How to do a gas to propane conversion

LED Conversion: How to convert flashlights to use LEDs

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