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Prolog: Stars and Prophecy

Millenium Star: A Heavenly Message for Today.

Conjunction: Coincidence or destiny!

UFO: Are they real?

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Star Thoughts

We all look up at the heavens in astonishment
and wonder what our relationship is to them.

Some feel the stars affect our daily lives -
and indeed the phases of the moon
appear to effect not only the tides
but other affairs of human lives -
such as the number of births
in large city hospitals.

Certainly other heavely effects
such as sun cycles
and their effect upon weather
and radio transmissions are apparant.

In the aggregate
there does seem to be a correlation
between personalities and sun signs
and the Chinese cycles of birth years
appears to have some substance.

But the speculations of astrologers
are simply superstition
that have no more significance
(and no less)
than that of reading tea leaves,
or entrails,
or consulting a Ouiji Board.

I say no less,
because astrological prediction
is not something that can be left
to the mathematical calculation of computers.
It depends upon "psychic" interpretation
and like all psychic phenomena
has an explanation within human reality
(more often human unreality)
that it is detrimental to deal with.

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