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The Ark Two Community

The Ark Two Community is the largest pluralistic survival community in North America without any political, religious, or cultural bias. Its purpose is to ameliorate the catastrophe of a nuclear war and to help restore civilization. Inquiries from all are invited. Write an email to:

The Ark Two Refuge Facility

The Ark Two Community in Canada has a 10,000 sq/ft nuclear shelter as part of its refuge facility. This may be the largest Privately Constructed nuclear fallout shelter in the world. 42 buses were used as forms to pour a minimum of 12 inches of high strength concrete that was heavily reinforced with rebar. A minimum of 5 feet to a maximum of 14 feet of earth was pushed back overtop.

Go to:
for a tour of the complex.

The Ark Two Community is founded and commanded by a government trained and certified Radiological Scientific Officer.

Anyone is welcome to join the Ark Two Survival Community (located in Ontario, Canada) - so long as they do so before the catastrophe occurs. There is no charge for membership nor any restriction other than one be tolerant of the other members. However, it is only practical to be a member if one makes arrangement to live within about 20 miles because it would not otherwise likely be possible to get to the Ark at the time of catastrophe.

The purpose of the Ark Two Survival Community is to ameliorate the effects of a Nuclear War and to help reorganize society afterwards. The community founder believes that a nuclear war is inevitable and therefore in 1980 built the first phase of the Ark Two Refuge and has since expanded it and prepared many ways to assist survivors - as listed on this web site.

The project has not been favorably received by the local and provincial governments. By 1990, when I stopped counting, it had been subject to over 30 court and commission appearances and the number has greatly increased in the last few years. Legal costs have mounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 1999 there was a raid without warrants involving 7 police vehicles, 4 fire units and over 40 personnel and a K-9 unit, coincidentally caught on video tape by the CBC. Subsequently the facility was hounded with repeated government inspections. Some of the inspectors candidly admitted that it was just harassment, but because of wanting to keep their jobs they of course were not going to put that into writing. It is for this reason that one might refer to the facility as Waco North. A kinder, gentler Canadian version in that The Ark doesn't have any weapons and in that so far no one has been killed by the raiders.

The general public views the project as being operated by an eccentric (in the most favorable terms) or by a nut-case in what is the more usual expressed attitude. For the forty years in which I have built over two dozen shelters and have consulted on many dozens of others, the general ridicule has been extensive, to say the least. "Why do it then?", I have often been asked. Why not get a life, enjoy life and quit worrying about doomsday? The answer is that I don't see the purpose of life, nor happiness in life measured in how many rounds of golf I might play, but rather in service to my fellowman. While I don't have any "visions" or hear any "voices" this appears to me to be the service to which I have been called.

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