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POP30 - The Final Analysis

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This is a summary discussion of the POP Series.

We set off with the idea to discover
whether or not prophecy was truly possible,
and we examined a number of prophetic claims.

Next we investigated the nature of proof,
saying that there are ONLY Four Paths to Truth,
and that each is fallible.

We then applied the Four Paths
in a Mathematical Proof
of Bible Prophecy showing that
Jesus was the Christ.

On the same basis we then began to examine
the following 12 Scriptures

DAN 8:14 1844 A.D. from our previous proof regarding Christ)
7:25 time, times, and div. of time
9:27 midst of week
12:7 time, times, & half
Luke 4:25 three years and six months
REV 11:2 42 months
:3 1260 days
:9 3 1/2 days
:11 3 1/2 days
12:6 1260 days
:14 time, times, & half
13:5 42 months

And reduced them all down to the following:

DAN 8:14 1844 A.D. from our previous proof regarding Christ
7:25 1844 A.D.
9:27 1844 A.D.
12:7 1844 A.D.
Luke 4:25 1844 A.D.
REV 11:2 1844 A.D.
:3 1844 A.D.
:9 1844 A.D.
:11 1844 A.D.
12:6 1844 A.D.
:14 1844 A.D.
13:5 1844 A.D.

The calendar that we used to make this reduction
was the Moslem Calendar
and was a part of the evidence for our hypothesis
that the Bible contains prophecies
about other religions.

We then asked what significant thing happened in 1844
and our answer was - two things:

1. The edict of toleration
that in fulfillment of Jewish Prophecy
permitted the return of the Jews to Israel.
2. The Return of Christ
as prophesized and expected
in the Great Expectation of 1844.

(Others, such as the Mormons, would add to this list
things like the martyrdom of Joseph Smith.)

In regard to the return of Christ I explained that
over 10 million people world-wide
(mostly from their Scriptures - other than Christian)
now recognize Baha'u'llah as the Return of Christ,
and have accepted a new paradigm about
themselves and this planet in relationship
to the Universe, Space, Time, and to what is called
a Manifestation of God.

The following is a chart that I have made
of Prophecies and dates
from the Bible.

Chart of Prophetic Dates and Sources

Bible Moslem

1844 1260
(Quran 40:7)
(Quran 32:4)

(1)Dan 8:14
(2) 7:25
(3) 9:27
(4) 12:7
(5)Rev 11:2
(6) :3
(7) :9
(8) :11
(9) 12:6
(10) :14
(11) 13:5

(2) (12) 1863 1290 Dan 12:11

(3) (13) 1963 1335 Dan 12:12

(4) (14) 2063 2520 Dan 4:16 360
-457 B.C. :23 x7
----- -----
2063 2520

(5) (15) 1914 1844
+70 Dan 9:2
------- Jer 25:11
1914 :12
Isa 23:15

While I have listed the key
Scriptures, prophecies and dates
I will not be going on to discuss them.

To actually understand the references
(in the Book of Revelation)
to the Moslem dates
one has to be acquainted with the Moslem Religion
and Moslem history.

Suffice to say,
the references both
in the Book of Revelation
and SURPRISINGLY found with the SAME DATE
in the Koran
both refer to the Return of Christ.
(It surprises many Christians to learn
that the Moslems are looking for
and expecting the Return of Christ.)
However, just as the Jews failed to recognize Jesus,
and the Christians failed to recognize Mohammed,
so have the Moslems failed to recognize
the Bab and Baha'u'llah.

If you had been a Jew 2,000 years ago
and had been shown then
(which the Christians were NOT able to do -
but which can be shown now -
because the Books have been opened)
the mathematical proofs from the Old Testament
about Jesus
then you should have been willing to examine
the Gospel of Jesus
and to find out what Jesus had said.

Today, you have been shown from the Bible
the mathematical proofs about Baha'u'llah
and you should now be willing to seek out and study
the Teachings of Baha'u'llah.

The claim is that
He is the Manifestation to this Day and Age.
That He has brought the solution
to mankind's problems
and has told us in prophecy the nature of our destiny.

But all this
you will only discover by studying His own Writings.
To try to dispute about Him
based upon one's present understanding about the Bible,
would be the same as a Jew
refusing to read the Gospel of Christ
and continuing to dispute about Him
on the basis of the Old Testament.

To accept all this
(even to the point of being willing to examine His Writings)
of course requires a MAJOR, MAJOR paradigm shift
on the part of a Fundamentalist Christian.

I know that it is hard.
Here is just a partial list of the ideas
that a Fundamentalist will think are FANTASTIC
and completely UNBELIEVABLE.

1. That the world -
contrary to the Creationist point of view
wasn't created just a few thousand years ago.

I realize that the evidence wasn't there
for almost 1500 years - three quarters of the duration
of the development of Christian Theology.

Even as recently as when Columbus discovered America,
the sailors that were with him were concerned
that the world was flat
and believed that the sun went around the earth.
It has only been in the last couple of centuries
(a mere ten percent of the time of Christian Theology)
that we have had telescopes to show us
anything approaching the concepts of galaxies
such as we have formed using telescopes
like those on Palomar and Hubble.

Archaeology and the study of paleontology
along with discovery and acceptance
by most people of the existence of dinosaurs
just had not occurred.
That the Universe is NOT
about the earth and man
was just totally inconceivable
to a Bible Believing Christian on the Street
during most of the time of Christianity.

about Creation
but simply that it must be understood
and that the explanations given in it
were those suitable for the people
to whom it was revealed -
at their level of understanding at that time.

2. As shocking a paradigm shift
as I have asked the Fundamentalist Christian
to make about the non-centeredness of his world
in Space and Time
I have asked him to make a MUCH MORE DIFFICULT
paradigm shift about the non-centeredness
in relationship to the CREATOR
of this IMMENSE Universe we have described.

In regards to just this one planet -
we have examined that there have been
GREAT Numbers of People
and cultures on this one little planet that have had
religious guidance other than the Christian one.
Moreover, we have looked at evidence,
that just as the Bible when not taken Literally
but when taken in a Spiritual Sense
is correct in its Creation Accounts
so also does it contain evidence about OTHER Religions.
That the Old Testament had promised
that ALL the nations of the earth
would be blessed by the seed of Abraham's THREE wives
but the Old Testament only tells
the history of the descendant's of one (Sarah).

We saw that the Old Testament
prophecy of the both the first coming of Jesus
and of His Return in 1844.

The Jews of course did not accept Jesus,
although His followers, the Christians,
accepted all the Prophets of the Old Testament
(but not the laws of religious practice -
sacrifice, circumcision, Sabbath day, kosher foods, etc.)
of the Jews.

However, neither did the Christians accept Mohammed
although there are in the Bible
the number of MATHEMATICAL PROOFS (the 1260 dates)
about HIM
and the return of Christ in 1844
based on the Moslem Calendar.
Even though the Moslems accepted all the Old Testament,
and the New Testament
(although again not the religious laws
such as baptism and others such as we mentioned above)
and all the Prophets AND Jesus
as explained in the Koran.

And once again, the Moslems had the 1844 prophecies,
(in their dates on their calendar)
in the Koran
and were well expecting the Return of Christ
but they also failed to accept Him
at His Return in 1844,
and they persecuted the Bab and Baha'u'llah.

3. As difficult as are the first two paradigm shifts
for a Fundamentalist Christian
the THIRD about the NATURE of the MANIFESTATION -
about the VERY CONCEPT of what is meant by a
is often just totally incomprehensible to them.
In their eyes it destroys Jesus.
For them He was the Center of Creation -
a one time event
on this one planet
2,000 years ago
around which the whole Universe revolves.

That this could be TRUE,
not in the small literal sense that they say,
is to them - just non-meaningful.
But just as Jesus did not come to destroy the Law,
but to fulfill it,
neither did Baha'u'llah come to destroy Jesus,
but rather to fulfill His prophecies.
To unite the world and the religions.
To bring Peace and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

4. A FOURTH paradigm shift
is necessary for the Fundamentalist.
It is central to being able to understand those above.
This regards the very nature of Truth itself.
This regards about how to understand the Bible -
not in an absolute literal sense -
but in a higher spiritual sense.

I have suggested that the CREATOR has to be
so much more EVEN MORE IMMENSE
(I am avoiding the word Infinite
which is more completely incomprehensible)
and to have existed so much LONGER than this earth
(again I am avoiding the term ETERNAL
for the same reasons)
that He is simply unknowable to us
in an ABSOLUTE sense.
For this reason, as Scientists today understand,
our knowledge of just the Creation
leave alone the Creator
is RELATIVE and limited to us
by what I have described as the
Fallible Four Paths to Truth.

It is in this sense -
that as we come to know more about
the Creator's Creation
that we gain an EVER EXPANDING sense
of how IMMENSE it is
(billions of galaxies
in the visible universe of the astronomer
and beyond that through the black holes
to we don't know where and on from that
to Infinity
of which we have no concept of the meaning
and the Spiritual World which is the basis of it all.)

It is in this sense -
that as we come to know more about
the Creator's Creation
that we gain an EVER EXPANDING sense
of how old it is
(billions of years long -
again into the black holes
where light, and space and time cease to exist,
and the concepts become unmeaningful
as we gaze at the thought of Eternity
about which we can have no concept).

It is in this sense -
that as we come to know more about
the Creator's Creation
that we gain an EVER EXPANDING sense
of the purpose of it all
that has been increasingly explained to us
by the Manifestations of God
as they have raised us to increasing social consciousness
and social organizations of
the family, the extended family, the tribe,
the city state, the nation
and now on towards one unified world
with a world government,
so that there can be an ever progressing
peaceful and advancing civilization
to support individuals in their journey
towards spiritual enlightenment.
There is so much more that I long to share -
about the nature of the soul,
the nature of life after death,
the purpose of life on this planet,
the future of mankind on this planet,
and many many other issues
but all those things are to be found
in the Writings by the Prophet to this Day and Age -

My poor and inadequate words
do not have the power
to reach and penetrate the soul
with the Spirit of Truth
as does His.

My purpose has simply been to point
towards that source
so that you can discover the Truth
from the Source of Truth
for yourself.

Those who cannot make the 4 paradigm shifts
will continue to say
that they believe in


Return of Christ
Vicarious redemption of sins
and dozens of other things
because they have FAITH,
and that since I don't believe what they believe
(in the way they believe it -
because I do believe in the accuracy of the Scriptures)
that I have been deceived by a false prophet
and that I am doomed.

The fundamentalist ideas have been around for centuries.
They are deeply ingrained in the culture
and are passed on from generation.
One has almost gotten them
along with the air that they breath.
But paradigm shifts do occur,
and the ones that I am describing
are occurring.
How long it will take,
decades or centuries, I don't know,
for them to become universal.
But because they are NEARER the Absolute Truth,
these paradigms, and others more advanced,
will eventually replace the present ones
in the collective consciousness of mankind.

If you are willing to examine them
with an open heart
and can look at their Source
and the Spiritual Source of Truth
for this Day and Age -
the Writings of Baha'u'llah -
you will be one of the lights of the age,
helping to lead mankind out of the present
relative morass of vain imaginations and superstition
towards greater enlightenment.

I hope that you will be a contributor
to the effort.

Peace and love,

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