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The World Language Program


The UNKOMMON (UNiversal KOMunications por la MONde - Esperanto) Foundation and its World Language Program have always considered China as being one of the MAJOR players in establishing a global Universal Auxiliary Language.


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[Picture is of a model of the Universal Language Institute to be built in Canada.]


The Coordinator of the World Language Program has made several trips to mainland China regarding the establishment of Language Teaching Institutes.



[Picture is of the coordinator's son and his son's family. The WLP coordinator's son taught English for a year in Northern China and now operates a Montessori method and English language school in Taiwan.]


While in Jiangsu, China, the World Program Language coordinator and the UNKOMMON Foundation, was granted a corporate charter for EDCO (EDucation COrporation) which was the first corporate charter ever granted by the modern state of China to a non-Chinese person or entity.

A primary goal of the UNKOMMON Foundation and EDCO is to establish non-profit language teaching institutes in China.


[Picture is of Bruce Beach, Coordinator of the World Language Program.]

The intent of the Olympic Committee in China to train guides, coordinators, facilitators and other personnel who speak English provides an exceptional opportunity for service by the UNKOMMON Foundation and its World Language Program.

The World Language Program has developed a system called:

The ACCESS System
(Auxiliary Closed Captioned English with Simplified Spelling)

which is a revolutionary new language teaching system, based upon:

        a new Technology
        a new Methodology
        a new Pedagogy
that permits a person who has never spoken English, and who is perhaps even illiterate in their own language, to learn in less than one month to:

        read the MOST COMPLICATED POSSIBLE directions
          to a person who speaks English.
        give full explanations in English
          regarding their specialty such as maid service, waitering, etc.
        take simple directions
          in English from a person who speaks English

Not only that - but a person who has learned all this by using the ACCESS System, at the end of the month they have spent learning it, can then use the same system to teach others.

Thus it is - that by each person who spends one month learning the system, spending another month teaching just ten others, within a year millions of Chinese who do not presently speak English can have learned to speak, regarding their trade, skill or specialty, so that English speaking persons can understand them.

It is our great hope that the officials responsible for these services and capabilities at the Olympics in China - will allow us to further explain in detail The ACCESS System.


    Bruce Beach
    World Language Program - Coordinator
    CANADA - (519) 925-6035

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