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POP16 - Intuition

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Now in the POP Series
we come to The Fourth Path to Truth.
It is the chosen path of the
of the Fourth Type of Souls.

We can call it by many names -
Testimony of the Holy Spirit,

or any one of its many other attributes.

It is the BRIGHTEST Path to Truth.

Without this Divine Spark,
no discovery,
religious or
can be made.

Without it,
the processing of reason
and the human brain
would be as dead
and unimaginative
and uncreative
as a computer or
any other machine.

Every scientific discovery,
every advance in human thinking,
comes from In-sight,
sight from with-in.
Sight from beyond,
beyond the boundaries,
that existed before.

That Divine Spark
rests within each of us,
so long as we breath,
and have life.

Every student of mathematics,
draws upon it to initially comprehend
that 2+2=4, or any higher concept.
For every learner,
each and every concept,
comes as a new insight,
a new manifestation of the intuitive.

This power of the mind,
like all others
is developed through practice.
The power of reasoning,
using the brain,
like any other muscle,
must be developed through exercise.
The storing up of knowledge,
from authority
does not come in a minute.
All the skills of the senses,
being able to sing
like an opera star,
or observe
like a diagnostic physician,
or to listen, or feel,
require a degree of training
that most never master
or even realize exists.
Most particularly is this true
of man's highest mental capacity,

are skills still largely undeveloped,
in the majority of mankind.
Yet, these are the disciplines needed
to develop intuition.

It seems to come
unheralded and unbidden,
but be assured
never to the unprepared.

Intuition is the brightest,
most joyful,
most beautiful path to Truth.

And yet,
intuition is the DARKEST,
most misleading,
path of stupid superstition
and vain imaginings.
In this path,
as many are led astray,
with the possible exception of
as in all the others combined.

As great a barrier
as may be the senses,
with its false sense of reality,
and its inducements of idle pleasures,
As faulty as man's reasoning
may ever be,
intuition alone can sweep the soul
into the paths of error
with a degree of confusion
from which only by the
Grace of God
will one ever be recovered.

For it is intuition
that whispers into the ear
of every convinced believer,
ONLY my truth is real,
all the others are false.
Only you are safe and saved,
all others have gone astray.
But reason stays its claim,
because how can there be
so many different claims
to be the one and only truth?

And so,
we have examined the
Four Paths to Truth,
and have found none
to be infallible.
Some would say there is
a fifth path.
The eclectic path
of combining all four.
But while this is the proper thing to do,
and the SUREST path,
it too still remains fallible.

And so,
in the human condition,
we remain BELIEVERS,

And so,
some become discouraged,
and say,
since I can know nothing
of a certainty,
I will believe nothing.
I will be a skeptic
and a scoffer.
Let others be subject
to their idle fancies
and vain imaginations,
I will remain steadfast
in my knowledge
that they can know NOTHING.

But, my dear friend,
THAT is the path to DEATH,
and Chaos.
Nothing becoming nothing,
yielding nothing,
attaining nothing.

Every Vibrant Soul,
must grasp reality,
as it is presented to us.
It must travel each
of the Four Paths
to the best of its ability,
and remain always open to change,
in recognition of the fact that it
is fallible.

For this is the Path of Power
of both Science and Religion.
Building upon the Four Paths,
and discovering reality,
Re-examining it,
Improving upon our comprehension of

For while our feet remain anchored
in the mud and morass of DOUBT,
our spirits soar upon the
Paths of Truth.
Building bridges and skyscrapers,
traveling to stars,
observing the Macrocosm
and the Microcosm,
evidencing the Power of

And then,
we have it upon the Best of
from those Divine Prophets,
that if that soul asks,
it Will receive,
if that soul knocks,
it Will be opened unto it,
and THAT seeker
will be guided from shoals
of insecurity and Unbelief,
to the secure safety of the bay
of Belief in God,
and that which He has Revealed.

Thus have I concluded
my explanation of
the Four Types of Souls
the Four Paths to Truth.
In my next letter
I shall proceed onto what is called
The Most Clear Proof
in our journey to discover
the Source of Truth
The True Prophet.

Peace and love,

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