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Overview: Stills.

SEALED How Distillation Works

SEALED Building a home still

LINK: Running on Alcohol

SEALED Making It On The Farm

LINK: The Manual For the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol

The Problem of Stills

I am personally a teetotaler and totally opposed to the use of alcohol as a recreational drink. Still alcohol does have its medicinal purposes and can also be used as an antiseptic and as a aesthetic. In fact in may be about the only aesthetic available until the production of ether can be established.

Here we are principally talking about the use of stills for making fuel. With all the surplus rotting potatoes in the area we would have liked to make a still and produce fuel for our diesel generators. But, presently, there is a $100,000 annual fine (license) for doing so. We will simply have to wait for a more propitious time.

The building and operation of a still takes some skill but it is not what we would call a high-tech operation. After all, the skill is most often identified with hillbilly moonshine makers. The designs here will at least demonstrate the principles involved. It may be largely a matter of scale to get up to larger volumes needed for fuel.

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