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Artist Concept of Millennium Star

Millennium Star
Fulfillment of an Ancient Prophecy

This oft-told ancient prophecy,
with roots back in the Sufi and Illuminati teachings,
is reflected in the Tale of the Ancient Mariner,
with its "star dogged moon"
and in the ancient symbolism on the flags of
many modern Moslem countries.

What the prophecy says is that:
at the Time of the End,
a Star will appear between the Crescent Points of the Moon.

Now, all astronomers KNOW that this is impossible.
Stars are generally very large astronomical phenomena like our sun.
The closest being our sun,
and the others many light years away.
For one, to appear in the orbit,
between us and the Moon,
would be IMPOSSIBLE, they would say,
and WOULD destroy the earth should it occur.

And yet, this phenomena,
this end of the old - beginning of the new,
millennial event - of a Star appearing between the Crescent Points of the Moon,
WILL OCCUR this very month.

Let me explain:

To the ancients, there were two types of stars,
fixed stars,
and moving stars,
and they both looked alike to them,
since they did not have a telescope.
The only distinction was that the one small group of stars moved,
and for this reason they called them planets (travelers),
which to them simply meant moving stars.

Now, today we have a different view of planets,
but nevertheless, it is a planet that will appear
between the Crescent Points of the Moon.

But, whoa, hold up you may say, if a planet
is going to change its orbit
and pass between the earth and moon,
that TOO is certainly going to be a catastrophic event.

Well, actually, still some further explanation is needed.
To any primitive people,
that would happen to be occupying the earth at this time,
if they were out tending their flocks on a clear night,
they would notice that new stars,
new traveling stars (planets),
have appeared in the sky.
We call them satellites.

Now, the fact is,
that a Traveler will appear between the
Crescent Points of the Moon.
And I would like to have a photograph of the event.
When and where will it happen?
Well, probably about every month,
from some advantage point on the earth.
To observe and photograph it,
one needs a cloud free night,
(or to be above the clouds)
and for the satellite to be AT THE CORRECT ANGLE
between the observer,
and a Crescent Moon.

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