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Join the MOST CAPABLE Preparedness Community
in North America

Our goal is to have the largest and most CAPABLE
Preparedness Community in North America.

Towards this goal,
we assign our members to T.E.A.M.s.
Together Everyone Accomplishes More
At the moment we have 12 TEAM Leaders.
We would like to start some other Specialist TEAMs
when we can find suitable TEAM leaders.
Perhaps you are a person with those qualifications.

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining our Community
you might like to contact one of the following TEAM leaders
regarding the possibility of their acting as your mentor
in joining our community.
or contact directly
The Community Coordinator
Bruce Beach at:

Ours is a very open and tolerant community. Mainly we look for new members who are tolerant, and have a Spirit of Service, and for TEAM Leaders we look for exceptional skills.

Ours is a very diverse community. Represented in it are three different Major Religions, and several denominations of Christians. There are also different nationalities, and a wide spectrum of educational backgrounds. The thing that we have in common is EARNED mutual trust and confidence. The community, as such, espouses no particular philosophy, political, or otherwise.

The TEAM leaders, in alphabetic order, are as follows:

Microbiotics Team Leader.
( has a Masters Degree in Micro-biology. She has been associated with our Preparedness Community for over 15 years. Aina has done special research in the area of the effect of radiation on plants and food. You may see her letter Radiation in Food and her paper Contamination of Food Problem After Nuclear War. Aina has gathered together a file drawer of folders filled with research papers on the subject of Radiation in Food, and she is in the process of updating her research in the light of published research resulting from the Chernobyle disaster. Coincidently, Aina is also an expert on the plants and fauna in our area and will work closely with the Agriculture TEAM leader, in this regards.

Medical Emergency Response TEAM Leader.
( has a Bachelor's Degree from Wilfred Laurier, and has completed the  Emergency Medical Technician course at Humber College. He has been associated with our Preparedness Community for over twenty years, and has been active in both the building and equipping phase.

Radiological Defense TEAM Leader.
( has a Masters Degree in Economics and has completed four government courses in Radiological Defense to the highest level of Radiological Scientific Officer and is a certified trainer in Radiological Defense. Bruce is also both a St. John Ambulance and Red Cross First Aid Instructor. A member of Bruce's TEAM is Ron, probably the most experienced designer and manufacturer of nuclear radiation test equipment in Canada, if not in North America. (He has checked, and sometimes designed and manufactured all of our radiation detection equipment.) Bruce has written a well received booklet on the subject of Nuclear Survival that is available FREE at: You Will Survive doomsday.

Carpentry Maintenance TEAM Leader.
( is an experienced Habitat for Humanity builder and is an experienced craftsman, having his own business for many years. He is now associated full-time with an area hospital. Over the years he has worked on many of our shelter projects. He has had on his team, for several years, a licensed plumber.

Administrative TEAM Leader.
( Frank has his degree in business administration from a Toronto college. He is the coordinator of the Canadian Preparedness Network, and the TEAM designation was his original concept for this group. Assisting Frank on his Team are Wilf and Bahia, two other experienced administrators. Frank has not been as active with us for the last couple of years but I got an email for this March 2000 update and he says that he is still there so until I get a phone call or notification otherwise he is still listed.

Agricultural Acquisition TEAM Leader.
( has been involved in the wholesale operation of agricultural products for the last fifteen years and has become very familiar with local agricultural resources. During those years he has also given us valuable volunteer assistance in the building of the Ark.

Mechanical Systems TEAM Leader.
( is a Wheelwright and has been associated with our Preparedness Community for several years. He works full time, and has many years experience, in large plants as the shift supervisor for mechanical and electrical maintenance. John also ends up with the brunt of moving things for the shelter with his truck and trailer, and we have moved many dozens of loads with his trailer in the last years.

Construction Team Leader.
(percy@heaven.God) in MEMORIAM.
Percy passed on from a heart attack, but we still wish to acknowledge his GREAT contribution to our Preparedness Community. Percy over-saw the construction of our 500 person shelter. We will ever be appreciative of his many years of service. In recent years, many man months of labor have gone into the shelter by Bill, who was Percy's assistant foreman, and who is now assisted by Paul. Down through the years many craftsmen have dedicatedly worked on the shelter including John, who with his able crew, dug our well.

Supply Team Leader.
( has been associated with our Preparedness Community for over 10 years. He has been greatly dedicated to identifying a variety of necessary equipment and supplies. He is a full-time professional videographer, and our liason to the barter community. Peter has made a professional video of our survival complex. He will will send you a copy for $10 copying and handling charges, if you wish.

Medical Team Leader.
(Ray@----------) has been a member of our Preparedness Community for over 15 years. Ray is an M.D. and he will be glad to correspond with any other physicians who are seriously considering becoming a member of our community. If you are a licensed physician send Bruce your email address and he will pass it on to Ray. We also have two other physicians plus two nurses who are "acquainted" with, and not non-supportive of our activities, that may become active if conditions deteriorate. In the next few weeks we are expecting another doctor to join us from Florida and I have asked him for his permission to add his name here.

Communications Team Leader.
( Member of the Preparedness Community for over 20 years. Ham Operator (call VE3 LIB) and all that. Probably best to make an appointment by email if you want to talk

Personnel Team Leader.
works full time as a Graphics Artist and makes the daily commute back and forth to the city. In 2000 he took over as the TEAM Leader for Community Personnel and will be the one making assignments to the various TEAMS.

You - A Team of Your Choice
If you are a person who lives in the Greater Toronto Area or within a couple of hundred kilometers North West of Toronto (our shelter is 90 k.m. N.W. of Toronto City Hall, on the protected side of Caledon Mountain) we would like to invite you to investigate our Preparedness Community.

Although not listed here, we have a number of people who live in the vicinity that have some real talent and skills and that have been quite supportive of our efforts. Should the need arise they will be participating in the shelter and they have been tentatively assigned to the appropriate TEAMS.

If you have a skill that we need, we would like for you to become a TEAM leader. The TEAM leader positions that we are most needing to fill are:

Although for the latter we have team members with a combined total of over 100 years of agricultural experience in the area, and potential TEAM members with much more.

If you reside in the U.S. as a U.S. citizen, (and have NO criminal record) you may legally purchase for residence a cottage or farm in the Shelter Vicinity. The only requirement is that you must return to the U.S. for a few hours (minutes?) once every six months.

The members of our Preparedness Community have very diverse views about the future. Some are motivated by millenial concerns, some expect a nuclear holocaust, others anticipate earth changes, and still others social disruptions.

Whatever YOUR particular view or motivation you will most likely find a number of other members of our Preparedness Community with similar viewpoints, and you will find the efforts of ALL the members of our community compatible with your concerns. All persons worthy of trust and confidence, who have a Spirit of Service, will find a Haven in which they can have confidence.

If the above describes you as an individual then please contact RIGHT NOW,

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