KI4U, Inc. has been written up in...
WND (8/23/06) & (1/18/05), Boston Globe (8/13/05), National Defense Mag (3/04), NYTimes (6/13/02), Washington Post (4/13/03) & (3/16/03), USAToday (6/11/02) & (7/11/02), SF Chronicle (6/23/02), Wall Street Journal (3/14/03) & (10/5/01), IEEE Spectrum Mag (9/01), Newsday (11/24/01). Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (May/June/04).
And, our products seen on CNN, FOX, CBS and in TIME Magazine and heard on NPR and 'Coast to Coast' radio!
Interview on Glenn Beck's CNN HeadLine News TV Show October 12th, 2006!
See the Only County In U.S. that's re-established their Civil Defense Fallout Shelters!

Last Updated: January 26th, 2009

KI4U, Inc. - FAQ's, Press Release, Products!

If you do nothing else here, read our eye-opening expose...

The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!

...and then our popular & essential family guide for...

What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent!

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November 24th, 2009

KI4U, Inc.
212 Oil Patch Lane
Gonzales, TX 78629
(830) 672-8734

History, Expertise & Products...

KI4U, Inc. is much more than just a licensed Radiological Laboratory...

We've been offering Potassium Iodide (KI) anti-radiation tablets since 1999, long before most saw any need for it. We've supplied the Federal Government, military, and many state and municipal governments, as well as to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. (Including 300,000 doses ordered after 9/11 by the Office of Emergency Preparedness, and picked up by Lear Jet the same day.) Also, tens of thousands of individuals and families have bought KI direct from us via the internet here.

We've invested heavily to secure the largest private emergency inventory of KI in the USA with over 5 million doses, currently, but still know this won't be anywhere near enough in a future major nuclear emergency. Nor, is enough of it likely to be exactly where it's needed when the time comes, either, until the day every family already has their own supply. Our popular informational FAQ site details it all at 'Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ' seen at... which begins further down that page.

We also show the public and govt agencies 'emergency alternatives' for the inadequate supply of available KI tablets if/when anything nuclear gets unleashed here in the USA. For large groups, especially those on tight budgets, these are viable alternatives even now. We are not concerned that some won't then buy our KI tablets because there, unfortunately, won't be enough available anyways, when really needed quickly. That emergency Plan "B" if no KI tablets available is here...

Additionally, eight months prior to 9/11/01, we acquired from FEMA over 100,000 Civil Defense radiological survey meters, dosimeters, and geiger counters from the Federal Depot in Fort Worth, TX. That required 12 tractor trailers to ship the 416 pallet loads down to our warehouse/lab in Gonzales, TX.

Our inventory here represents the largest non-government source of these Civil Defense instruments and we are the only private rad lab in the country that specializes in re-calibrating these CD survey meters, geiger counters and dosimeters.

We are licensed and authorized to re-calibrate and re-certify these instruments with our three high-range Cesium-137 calibrators here and our lab staff of 6 trained & certified radiological employees. We utilize the unique Dept. of Army - Office of Civil Defense calibrators that were specifically made for calibrating all these Civil Defense survey meters and dosimeters. We are licensed to do so in conformance to the standards as set forth by the State of Texas Bureau of Radiation Control, FEMA, ASTM and the NRC, all of which we adhere to.

These same-type Civil Defense survey meters are in current use by thousands of Fire Depts, Haz-Mat and First Responders across the country. We daily have state agencies and municipalities shipping us their Civil Defense instruments to be re-calibrated, as well as from the general public. We detail our calibration services here...

We also make them available, along with FEMA manuals, to government agencies and the general public here.
More info at our FAQ entitled: 'Civil Defense Rad Meters, Geiger Counters and Dosimeters FAQ' at...

In 2002, we introduced an additional FAQ focusing on the effects of nuclear blasts and fallout and the protective strategies families can effectively employ. Free detailed info for DIY building of fallout shelters and the on-line FREE version of the Oak Ridge National Labs book; 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' can be found there. Also, sources for 'ready built' commercial versions, including our own inexpensive design fabricated here, can all be seen at the 'Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelters FAQ' here...

The fallout shelters are not our fastest sellers... yet. We often feel here like Noah building mini-arks, and until the fallout begins to rain down, most folks won't take the need for one seriously. Of course, most didn't take terrorism & KI seriously either, before 9/11.

But, that's OK, too, IF you learn now how readily you can make a corner of your home into a truly effective family fallout shelter. You'll be pleasantly surprised discovering in our FREE guide; WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT! how little time, money, and energy it really requires to make that essential difference for your family survival. Abandon any myths of nuclear un-survivability and prepare your family now to endure confidently, when you discover the facts there and at THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION!.

In 2002, we also released a FAQ on MRE's (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) and had, until FEMA bought most of it out for Katrina, over 180,000+ Entree's of this long-storage food in inventory. This is the same as what our military are eating in the M.E. right now. The MRE FAQ, along with the remaining menu selections and pricing for them here...

In January of 2003, we introduced at the National Health Physics Society Annual Convention our breakthrough NukAlert™. This is a patented, matchbox sized, key-chain attachable, personal radiation monitoring and alarming device. With its ten year battery it is always "ON" 24/7 continuously monitoring the local environment of the user. Details of the popular NukAlert™, acquired by our military and govt agencies, including it's passing EMP testing by the Naval Air Warfare Center, can be seen here...

More recently, we introduced our latest products, the same mil-spec chemical detectors in use now by our troops in the Middle-East! They detect the dangerous chemical nerve gases and blister agents. We are selling them to govt First-Responders, Fire Depts, Haz-Mat teams, and now, for the first time, to the general public here.

Our primary mission, though, has always been one of education and dispelling the myths of nuclear and radiation un-survivability that hold back the majority from seriously embracing life-saving family preparations. See/read; THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION! If/when the country is ever in a panic again, like during the 'Cuban Missile Crisis', everyone will also need our FREE guide; WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT! And, our latest guide detailing protection from overseas fallout; When An ill Wind Blows From Afar!

For much of the above, we are the sole public source. And, we are continually evaluating new protective solutions which can all be found and seen on our products page at And, links to our popular and acclaimed, very detailed, informational FAQ's. And, for two of the books we sell; 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' and the FEMA 'Radiation Safety in Shelters' they are also both available to just read or print out for free there, too! Also, all our product pricing is very competitive as we strive to assure that more fellow Americans might then be able to afford these essential family preps. Our modest profit attitude here is that it's a tool to build ever larger emergency inventories now for the coming need, to then be able serve more on that day 'none will ever forget'.

We look at all of this like you would medical or fire insurance, where you never acquire it eagerly looking forward to getting to use it anytime soon, but will be very glad to have it, if it is ever needed! We tell all our product customers that we hope/pray it all gets a chance to gather much dust upon their shelves un-used for many years! I've got a family and kids, too, and truly wish none of these preps was needed. I'd eagerly, and quite joyfully, go about finding something else to do, if that was the case. Unfortunately, it is not.

Feel free to call or e-mail me, if any questions or comments.

Best Regards,
Shane Connor
(830) 672-8734

"A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them;
the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."
- Proverbs 22:3

Nukalert™ 24/7 Key-Chain Rad Monitor

Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ

Nuclear Blast & Radioactive Fallout Shelters FAQ

MRE's FAQ - Military-Style Meals Ready to Eat & Sources

Chemical & Biological Attack, Detection & Response FAQ & Sources

FEMA Civil Defense Rad Meters, Geiger Counters and Dosimeters FAQ

Story & Photos of KI4U, Inc. New Orleans Katrina Emergency Delivery!

Venezuela's Chavez 'Clear and Present Danger' revealed here years ago!

Potassium Iodide




Aluminum case

Aerial 3-in-1 fallout meter

Click Here To See More Details Of, Or to Order, Any of the Above!

Shane Connor

BTW, We are no 'Johnny-Come-Lately' sounding the call to prepare!
In fact, we've been well ahead of the curve for quite awhile now!
Check out our pre 9/11 Press Releases in 1999 and 2000, too!
Few others warned of nuclear terrorism or 'suitcase nukes' back then!

So, you might want to see what we've been saying lately about...



Trans-Pacific Fallout Here From Overseas Nukes!

October 12th, 2006 Interview on Glenn Beck's CNN HeadLine News Show!

KI4U Customer Comments...
(all unsolicited and all on file here)

"The NukAlert™ is the most remarkable advance in civil defense equipment in many, many years. These are truly great devices."

From Dr. Arthur B. Robinson on 2/20/03; Director of Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, Publisher of 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' book, Co-Author of the Civil Defense book 'Fighting Chance' which sold over 500,000 copies.


At 1217 PM 3/19/03, you wrote
I've recently bought some items from you, and I want to tell you how impressed I am with your company. It is a great pleasure to do business with people who care about their customers. Thank you very much indeed for your help with my recent orders. You can be sure I will mention your courtesy and quick service to friends who may be interested in your products. Well done. God bless you all.

Charles E. F.


At 1214 PM 3/11/03, you wrote

I received the CDV-705 Speaker and it looks and works great. As always, your product and service are second to none.

Best regards, Dave F., ON Canada


At 0750 PM 3/6/03, you wrote
I have no more questions, my order will be placed in the morning. Thanks again for your specific assistance on this order and for providing much information that is ignored by most.

Craig J.


At 0443 PM 3/2/03, you wrote
Good afternoon,
Thank you very much for all of your assistance and quick responses!
I have referred several people to your site already due to your outstanding
service and product availability!

Susan W.


At 10:58 PM 2/27/03, you wrote:
Hello KI4U,
My name is Richard S. and presently a customer of yours. I've sent you at this point an Electro-Neutronics CDV-700 which you did a great job calibrating, and you presently have my Lionel CDV-700 also being calibrated. I'll be sending you my CDV-715 very soon. The reason I'm emailing you is to let you know that I announced on my geiger counter news group board what a great job you've been doing and the fast turnaround, including great customer service when I've called there with questions. So, if your wondering why you have suddenly started getting more business, that's the reason. Just make sure Carl isn't being worked to hard...

Richard S. (


At 0239 PM 2/28/03, you wrote

Thank you - you have great service and are offering a great service to us fellow Americans.


Sat, 15 Feb 2003

I have been trying for a couple of years to find someplace that could calibrate my equipment. I was very pleased to see that you use the calibrating equipment that was specifically designed for my survey meter. I think if I had sent the equipment to any other company, I would have worried about whether or not I got ripped off. I could tell from the way you worded your web site that you guys are serious about high quality, and giving your customers your best. You site actually has a patriotic feel to it.

I was also very impressed by the fact that you make some very useful books available on-line, in their entirety, for free even though you also sell the same books. What a treat it is to find a company like yours. I hope I never have to use the equipment in a real emergency. But if I do, I won't worry about their accuracy. I'm going to do my best to steer more business your way.

Gary M.
Gahanna, OH


At 1155 PM 2/13/03, you wrote
I read Kearny's book back in 1985, but I never thought I would need to be this prepared, until now.

Your company is a miracle. I received my first order and already, I am less tense, still planning and getting things in order, but much less tense, as these items were really the last on my long list of stuff I began accumulating back in 1999. Your web site was the first one I ran across when I typed in "Civil Defense," on a search engine. Thank God.

A big THANKS to you and all your staff. Each of you is a precious angel.

I hope we never need any of this stuff, but we all need angels. And when this crisis ebbs, and I hope it does, may all of you get much needed rest and recuperation.


John W. S.


At 0843 PM 2/13/03, you wrote
Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for the great customer service!!!

I placed my order Saturday for KI pills and received them Wednesday. I felt enormously relieved since I live about 20 miles from a nuclear power plant, but thought it would take a couple weeks at best to receive the pills. Your service far exceeded my expectations!!

It's great to have them in case something horrible should happen, but for once I hope I've purchased and received a product I never have to use.

I've been spreading the word about your website so I hope others care enough to listen to the advice. Thank you for the great reference materials your site has also!!

Thanks again for the great customer service!!

Michelle T.
Dunnellon FL


At 0254 PM 2/10/03, you wrote
Hello KI4U,

My name is Richard S. and recently received my Electro-Neutronics CDV-700 back from you. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was, not only was the unit in proper working order enabling you to calibrate it, but also the fast turnaround. The unit arrived back to my home in New York safely. I was also very pleased to see that your calibrating technician was obviously very careful with it, since it arrived here with no scratches on it. I was only able to make out part of the name on the certificate, but it appears to have been signed by J. Carl.

Thank you again, and I'll be shipping other survey meters to you in the near future.

Richard S.


At 0901 AM 2/5/03 -0500, you wrote
I am sending a money order this morning for $160.00 - $140.00 for meter and $20 for overnight shipping. Will send Money Order as soon as post office opens this AM, also overnight mail.
My printer is on the fritz so I will send a brief note with the money. Time I fear is very short. Please get the RAD 24/7 ready for mailing to
Steve H.
Edina, MN

This may be my last order to you. I want to thank you for your service over the years. (My first order to you was pre-y2k, for KI, then in the last year I have ordered on separate occassions the CDV-715R, and some dosimeters and charger.) Your service and products have always been top notch, I pray that God will continue to bless your work.

Thanks again Shane for your personal attention to my orders and questions over the years.

PS If it doesn't slow my order down, and it is eligible for the free Civil Defense CD, please send that also. If not, thats OK.

Steve H.


At 0807 PM 2/7/03 -0500, you wrote
Thank you Shane for all the care you have given my orders and feel free to list me and my comments, as a very satisfied customer. It's nice to know there is a business out there that treats their customers in that old fashioned way, where the customer and their order is important. Thanks to George and all the others who assisted me.

Burbank, CA


At 0650 PM 2/7/03 -0500, you wrote
Wow! Thanks so much for your complete honesty and integrity. I have never written to anyone about their competition and gotten such a reply. You are quite an upstanding individual; rare these days.
Thanks again,


At 0834 PM 1/9/03 -0800, you wrote
hi Shane,

just read your thoughts on the movie, "Sum of all Fears". I too, was extremely disapointed that a subject matter such as this was treated so lightly. indeed a wake-up call to Americans was lost in the typical "syrup" of a Hollywood film. thanks for your website and the time you give it.

God bless,

In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths Proverbs 36


At 0900 PM 11/23/02 -0800, you wrote
Thank you for your informative website. You are all doing a great service.

Jackie A. G., Ph.D.


At 1247 PM 9/9/02 -0700, you wrote
I have been looking at your pages (ki4u and radshelters4u) and your information is wonderful! Very few pages these days offer so much good, pertinent info!

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Julia H.
Risk Consultant


At 0942 AM 7/4/02 -0600, you wrote
Dear Mr. Connor,
Thank you so very much for your prompt reply. In this age of expanding possibilities one never quite knows when and where to trust. You have certainly earned mine. Keep up the good work.

Lyn H.


At 1151 AM 7/4/02 -0700, you wrote
Shane - YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I cannot believe that you responded to my email in that kind of time!!! Of are Irish...I assume from the name....And no finer an example could be found to represent homeland to be sure!!!!!!! THANK YOU for the peace of mind. THANK YOU FOR BEING OUT THERE!!!!!!!!! I have given your website to several people.....let's hope they are responsible...of course...let's hope if an "Event" ever is an iodine isotope!!!!

Jo O'H., Waldron,Weir


At 1159 AM 6/25/02 -0400, you wrote

I placed two separate orders on 6/21/02, one for 3 bottles of KI03 (which I received yesterday) and another for the MRE sample pack...

BTW, great site! Spent an hour or so yesterday reading over the nuke info. Have noticed lots of Usenet posts referring back to your site as well.


Jerry J.


At 0803 AM 6/22/02 -0400, you wrote

Thank you for such a thorough personal reply on this and my previous message on normal hypothyroidism. It is unexpected to see that level of dedication. You certainly have given me a warm fuzzy feeling that I made the right choice coming to you and your company. My wife and I live in Annapolis MD, which is about 30 miles downwind of Washington DC.

Best regards,
Walt K.


At 0925 PM 6/10/02 -0500, you wrote
Shane, outstanding site AND service! We are almost neighbors in New Braunfels and I would like to know if you can tell me how I can find out if I am allergic to KI? I am allergic to penicillin and some other things and a couple of years ago was bitten by a rattlesnake and had to do the antivenin thing. Again thanks for the effort to date and any help you can supply with this question.

Dianne F.


At 0620 PM 6/6/02 -0500, you wrote
Dear Shane and all the people at KI4U,

Just thought I drop a line. Received my order today. Excellant service. I like the updated in stock posting daily feature. I have had KI for quite a few years already and have been trying to get others to get with the program. I seem to be making a little headway. Awful inexpensive insurance. It seems now people are more receptive. Once again thanks for the great service and will probably be ordering more when a few more people wake up. Thanks!!!!!!!!!


Eric O.


At 0403 PM 6/1/02 -0700, you wrote

Thanks very much! Sure hope you're right and they do gather "much dust on the shelf".

Best Wishes, and listen I know you must hear this all the time but thank you very much for all the great information and resources you've compiled and made available.

Very Best Wishes,

Mark W.


At 1058 AM 5/31/02 -0400, you wrote
I have spent hours reading your site and taking the information to work for dissemination. I just ordered some KI for my family. I think your site is wonderful and very informative, especially now that India and Pakistan are in turmoil.

Lawrence H.


At 0255 PM 5/30/02 -0600, you wrote
237 p.m. M.D.T. May 30, 2002

Dear Mr. Connor

You have an impressive web site, and a much needed one I think, and it has been a pleasure to refer your site to friends and family who need to get - or keep - up to speed on these subject matters before they have to hunt for it in a hurry.

My question is whether or not you are likely to have any CD V 715 used survey meters left by the last week in June, or the last week in July (2002), as that will be the earliest that I can order one of these units. Obviously, there are no guarantees out there but it would be helpful to have your opinion, or outlook on this matter.

Again, thank you for putting together such a valuable and useful site and I hope you can keep it up for the benefit of all of us.

Best wishes,

Harry T. L.


At 1100 AM 5/26/02 -0500, you wrote
Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate the thoroughness and quickness I have experienced in this purchase. I think my husband and, perhaps others I have mentioned this to, think it a folly for me to have purchased this. They are either confident there will be no need or they feel any nuclear event will be so terrible that nothing can be done about it. A couple of people have expressed interest, one that lives very close to a nuclear plant.

Keep up your good work!

Joan C.


At 0454 PM 5/22/02 -0400, you wrote
I've ordered from you in the past and received very good service. I just placed another order for a survey meter and some dosimeters based on my prior experience and I know my experience will be just as good. Thanks a million.

David B.


At 1254 PM 4/3/02 -0600, you wrote

Glad to see your post on the CDV group. I placed an order for the package last week and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I'm really glad you are providing this type of equipment because unfortunately there may be a need for it in the future.

I am curious what one of the CDV-781 Aerial Survey Meters would sell for and if the external speaker will work with the kind of survey meter I'm getting in the package. (I assume it does but it never hurts to ask)

Keep up the good work. Your website is fantastic.



At 0839 PM 2/23/02 -0800, you wrote
Book received in great shape. Left positive feedback for you. You have a cool website, very interesting! Is a pleasure doing business with you.


At 0604 AM 2/11/02 -0600, you wrote
Dear Shane

I requested the "Best Buy" when I filled out your form. The order form and my $399.00 (money order) was sent to you on February 8th. I am anxiously waiting for the kit. You will probably get it today in your mail. I hope you are not out of what I ordered. This will take a great burden off my mine by having the protection you are offering. I will probably be ordering more in the future for my other family members.

God Bless you for the efforts you are making to protect us in this time of turmoil and stress.

My address on the order form is
Columbia, Missouri

Thanks again,

Jeral S.

P.S. I am really put out that our government hasn't helped its citizens by letting them get smallpox vaccines on demand. Also, my doctor will not let me have a prescription for Cipero Anthrax antibiotics. Do you plan on having an addition to your web site that will let us get information on how to obtain these other protections? Thanks again for your web site and help to my family and the good citizens of this country.


At 0814 PM 1/9/02 -0800, you wrote
I really appreciate all of your time. I know you must be swamped right now. When you get yourself up and running full throttle again, know that this housewife in California, is referring your sight! Thanks for all you do. By the way, my friend had thyroid cancer.............and had it removed, and zapped. Does that mean she is safer, or screwed?

Best to you and yours
Crazy Vanessa in California........... XXXXXXXX my number, in case you ever need a sales gal out here. May we never have to use this, but may we all buy it! We cant wait on this government, they are always three steps behind, and its embarrasing~

I always thought of having a tupperware party, now I just want to get in front of crowds of people and sell KI! Can you envision your company going network marketing, and doing home parties? I did that for a few years, and was good at it...............because I never shut up...................... if you need anyone out here, give me a call................or if you need a cat or a pooch, call too! tee hee Have a great day!


At 1258 AM 1/4/02 -0500, you wrote
Any business that has someone to take the time to respond to a letter like you did is sure to be a major success.

I travel most of the time on my job, but if there is anything I can ever do for you or your business, time permitting, I will do it....cuz I like associating myself with good people, and I think you are just that....good people !! If ya ever need a volunteer to help in any way, just let me know. I'll do what I can.

I live in Texas ( Lubbock ) but starting Jan 11, I'll hardly be here for the first quarter. January 11th I head for Cincinnati, then Newark, then Philadelphia, then Detroit. . . then back home the middle 2 weeks of March. If there's anything I can do for yall in any of those places I'm going to, or here in Lubbock, just say the word.

It's people like you that make a business a success. Don't give up !! Good caring businesses are few and far between. I am glad my Mother told me about your web site.



At 1156 PM 12/18/01 -0500, you wrote
Thanks so much for your enormously impressive website, chock full of important information and essential links. Your prices seem eminently reasonable. And talk about fast shipping - wow! I placed my order on Friday, and on Monday the Postal Service had delivered it to me by Priority Mail.

Thanks for everything you're doing to help families gain some peace of mind in these frightening times.

- Eli


At 1031 AM 12/6/01 -0500, you wrote
Shane -

I think that your KI4U and Radmeter sites are possibly the best-written sites, on any subject, that I've ever seen on the internet. I have recommended them to many people.



November 8th, 2001

The KI arrived today, just four days after I ordered it. I have to tell you that I was really nervous that I didn't get a follow up email from you about my order after placing it (which you warned on your site that you wouldn't be able to do), but figured that you would be too busy. I was shocked it arrived so quickly, just like you said it would.

Thank you tremendously for the swift delivery, attention to detail, and obvious concern that your web site exudes. I was amazed to see on your order form that you fill the small family orders first - I can assure you that when an event occurs (not 'if'), my family will NOT be a priority to get KI from the government.

We buy bandaids in case of scratches, aspirin in case of headaches, life-insurance in case of death. Not that we ever hope to use them, but they are there just in case, and to give us piece of mind. Living six miles from a nuclear power plant and seven miles from a nuclear submarine base, I now have insurance.

Thank you for the biggest piece of mind I hope to never have to use,

PS - I forwarded your website on to local health food stores and the local newspapers, who have been touting having a ready supply of KI, but listing a different (and out of stock) supplier. I hope they contact you soon.


-New Hampshire


November 10, 2001

Hello Shane,
I am very impressed with the way that you have made a complex purchase decision manageable.

While having a technical background, I had very little knowledge of the terms and concepts common to a nuclear threat until becoming educated and prepared for Y2K. Since 9/11, I believe this is much more important now and have found your web site very informative AND understandable.

My decision to purchase potassium iodide from you was based primarily on availability through your web site at a reasonable price. The decision 'to buy' and 'what to buy' was already made.

My decision to purchase equipment from you was based upon confidence from my first order and then, a very good description on your site of what your product line offered. I was pleased to see recommended ordering instructions based on stocking levels. THANK YOU. I hate back-orders without notice.

Finally, I appreciate the CONTENT of your WEB site as it allows for an educated decision making process. You have offered alternative solutions which range from free to reasonable prices as far as I can tell. You have provided what appears to be an honest assessment of your product vs. other exact items (at face value) available from other sources and have clearly differentiated the level of adherence to OEM specifications through testing and measurement.

I will certainly recommend your company and web site to others. (And, I hope I have wasted ALL of my money and NEVER use any of your products. How's that for an endorsement? Pretty common, I would suspect.)

Bill W.


There is an optional 'Comments' section on the bottom of our order form.
Here are some of our customer's more recent volunteered comments...

This is my 3rd order in a mo.'s time; you have been very responsive...thanks! My only regret is that I didn't plan better & order "the package", 1st!

I placed my 1st order last Friday (2/21/03) and my merchandise was received on Monday! I've since learned more about preparedness ...hence, need more things!

great site, thanks!

we are TMI evacuees with family still up there...

excellent, informative site...and I'm an M.D.

I have already referred others to your site!

A great research effort. Everything is here in one place.

I'm glad you are doing such a good job. We went through Chernobyl and I think we need to get as prepared as possible for future nuclear accidents.

great website - clear, organized, comprehensive. fantastic

This is my second order today. The previous was for 4 bottles. I want BOTH orders to ship, please.

I wish I'd already done this.

Send them quick! Thank you for your help! God Bless America!

outstanding good as information given at U.S.Navy NBC school.

Hurry,I have a 6 kids and a week trip in LA on business soon.

Best Information that I've found to date!

Thank God we can still buy chemical protection gear, firearms, and radiation detection and protection materials.

Thank you - you are providing a wonderful service to our Country!

Great informative site. Have been previously certified twice as a RAD Monitor. Looking forward to receiving my order. Thanks!

this is a 2nd order - total of 2 orders.

thanks for being so honest on the page

thank you for info/i just stumbled onto this site/i didn't even know some protection was real.. we live near a plant i never even thought about this

please send as soon as available for firefighter/medics

Thanks for answering my e-mail so thoroughly. It made my decision to order your products.

I live three miles from the Seabrook NH nuclear plant

A very big thank you -- peace of mind is priceless!!!!

have ordered before

Will Recommend Your Company to Family/Friends

Thanks for some peace of mind in these trying times

Thanks so very much for all the great information!! I'll be back as soon as I can afford your package with the radiation meter, etc.!!

I may write a column on your products; please add me to your mailing list

Saw you in the Wall Street Journal

What a relief to find your site and to be able to do something positive.It's great to find a responsible and caring person/company.

thanks for your service, never thought I'd be planning for this,(I have 5 children)

Thank you! I treasure pragmatic altruists!!

ordered in 1999

Thanks. I have two boys, too. Hope we never need this.

great FAQs, thanks

I appreciate enormously the comprehensiveness of the site and the information you provide. Thank you.

This site is very informative and much appreciated. I think most of my questions have been answered.

Great site, double checked your info, you seem really informed. Keep up the good work.

I will let others know about your site!!!

Sending to my daughter and family

fine informative site from a practicing nuclear engineer

Your information is so timely.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

thorough information - much appreciated

Apparently you are a very reputable company. Let's pray we never have to use this.

Thank you for posting up-to-date "in-stock" status.

I live near Three Mile Island. Thanks so MUCH for info and procuct availability!!!

no-nonsense web page: thanks!

this batch is for a friend!

Quick service - thanks - helps with the anxiety

Thank you! I'll feel safer when I have these.

Thanks for being there when needed

just get me the stuff

I hope I never have to use these...

Thanks very much, for the FAQ and the service.

Iam the fireman from chicago that called thank you for answering my questions s

I hope i don't have any need for this purchase!

Better safe than sorry

this is order two from me today thanks

Nice talking to you today

via a Nuclear Engineer

Clear descriptions - thank you.

Thank you. At least someone cares to help 'the people' be educated and prepared.

Thanks for being there when needed

Very informative write up

how did you aquire this we called everywhere and we couldn't even order it.

Your website is very informative. You are providing a service you should be proud of, and can feel good about.

Any additional information re protecting my cat in case of a nuclear attack would be greatly appreciated.

What is this world coming to! Scary! Thanks :-)

Thanks--Walgreen's hasn't heard of KI or KIO3.

I appreciate all of the FAQs BEFORE you even get to an order form

this is my second order today. I was wondering if you could combine the two.

Read about it and you in IEEE Magazine- November issue

This is my second order- gave too many away!

Great public service. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your work and the phone call today Shane

I spoke to Shane on the phone a few days ago. I decide to just order online instead of personal pick up.

alot of time, effort and knowledge put into website.

this is to my son's family for which I will pay through paypal

You answered my E-mail quickly this morning. Thank you. I'll take a chance on you.

Thanks for being so helpful and informative. You are doing a great service to humanity.

Shane--Really enjoyed talking with you. Perhaps you might reconfigure your site and make ordering a bit easier.

thanks for your site - it answered a lot of my questions

This is one busy web-page!

Excellent educational website

Glad you're there. Where's our government?

Before 9/11 we saw the following exchange on a popular preparedness forum:

posted 07-09-2001 03:34 PM I am soliciting comments about and Shane, you know, the fellow who is selling CD rad meters. Website looks legit, and it look like it's on the up and up, but I just wanted to check with my fellow members and see who has done business with them, and the results. Let's hear it folks!

posted 07-09-2001 03:40 PM I've only ordered KI, but no problems, always considered Shane and his company to be totally legit.

posted 07-09-2001 05:11 PM While I haven't personally bought from Shane, over time I've come to respect him as a standup guy. After awhile ya get a nose for discerning those in it for the money and those with a higher cause in mind. I think Shane is one of the latter. I do read all his posts cus thy're usually meaty. Good, researched info and the best prices on the net that I was able to find for KI. If he's making a profit, it sure don't seem to be a large one. I'd guess very close to cost-covering mostly. I haven't researched the rad meters tho.

posted 07-09-2001 05:15 PM I got KI pills in 98 from another place, then decided more recently to get a lot more for relatives as well as us. Shane had the best prices around when I looked, plus prompt shipping. I ended up reading and printing out a lot of stuff from his web site ,which is excellent. We just got two used calibrated rad meters in June also, only 125.00 each, and I am just delighted with them. In my opinion it is kind of a waste to go get pills and not have a rad meter to know when you need to take pills if the electric is down and the other forumites can't post fallout readings. I shopped around two years ago and there is nothing better unless you want to spend a couple thousand. The old rad meters from Bruce Beach are not calibrated and the ionizing chambers are so old he says to multiply by a factor of four to be safe. So I would go with shane, forget ebay or anywhere else, get one that has just been calibrated. I also called Shane once to ask some doomer fallout questions and about my dossimeters and he seemed very patient, very nice, very intelligent. He's also friends with Bruce Beach if that means anything to you. Anyway, don't wait, after 3 mile island and Chernobyl KI sold out. I would get moving before the ME blows up.

posted 07-09-2001 07:14 PM Bill, I've recently bought from Shane and had no problems. He has excellent service and even received a hand-written thank you note...

posted 07-10-2001 06:06 AM Thanks for the replies everyone. 4 of 4 is not bad. It looks like Shane will be getting an order from me then.

posted 07-10-2001 06:56 AM Here is 5 for 5. Go for it. I bought from Shane....very good experience and happy with the product.

posted 07-10-2001 10:25 AM I've done bidness with shipping and good prices. I happen to like the fact that he's a regular poster with some expertise, and (occasionally) on a relevant subject quietly mentions his site. I do NOT object to such a commercial mention. He does it sparingly, in context, and in good taste.

More Customer Letters below, these from the 'old days', back in 1999...

That was when our first product, our original KI 'formulation' offered, was a 26 gram vial of KI our whole family worked as a part-time, home-based business. We all together measured, weighed, filled, labeled and shipped thousands of those vials with KI and sold them from between $20 (delivered cost) for one, down to $10 each in quantity. Each vial would make 200 adult doses, or 400 child doses. We showed folks how to easily and cheaply mix up their own KI solutions by dissolving that 26 grams of KI into a one liter bottle of water to where then every measuring teaspoon full (or 5ml on a graduated medicine dropper) equalled one adult dose. And, half that, equals a child over age 3 daily dose, etc.

Now, finally, families had an affordable KI alternative that was one-tenth of the cost of buying the only other two currently offered, very overly high priced, KI tablet formulations offered back then. We then later helped bring onto the market a much cheaper KI tablet formulation and eventually forced the 'gougers' to cut in half their retail prices! Guess I should thank them, too, cause if those two original sole KI formulations back then hadn't been so ridiculously over priced at the time, I probably wouldn't have gotten into this business to begin with! I know they wish I hadn't!

Another aspect of this business that I've worked really hard at, is super quick same-day shipping turn-arounds. I'd always said that if I ever had a business that required mailing customer's products, I'd not frustrate people like I've been since I was a kid ordering something that was then painful weeks arriving. So, we've always strived to get all orders via the daily incoming mail or the internet before 3PM, back to the Post Office or UPS the same-day before their daily deadlines. Our customers have really liked that, especially with these kinds of products that most want yesterday! -Shane

Shane, I think your the best. What a service you are offering. You took a personal interest in my order, were extremely helpful and courteous, and then even shipped my order before you had received the rest of my payment. I sincerely believe you really care in getting this information and product out to people to save lives, not to just make a buck.
We are giving some of these bottles away to relatives for Christmas, not as a substitute for their present, but in addition to it, because, like you we care.
God bless you, your employees and families. Thanks.
Steve H.
Edina, Minnesota

PS If you want to post any or all of this as a testimonial, please feel free.

Thank you Shane for providing the KI FAQ site! My wife and I have been all over the net and there is no other more complete collection of information on potassium iodide anywhere! (What else we did find in our searches was usually one-sided promotional sales pitches!) Also, we got our order from ki4u in three days! Thanks again!
Allen T., Canton, Ohio

While investigating my options for acquiring Potassium Iodide, Potassium Iodate, and/or Lygol's Solution -- I discovered your website and also discovered that you, too, had been 'learning' all that you could about 'how to save your thyroid.' Viola! Shane, thanks for compiling and sharing this important information as well as providing many reference resources.
Linda Hurd - Ypsilanti, Michigan

Wished we'd found your web site sooner! My husband spent 'hundreds' buying KI tablets from one of the companies on your price comparison list a little over two months ago! (Didn't even know of the other sources until later when we saw the list!) Did get a couple of your vials and they came in in less than a week. Telling everybody we can wake up to now go get theirs, too!
Katy G., San Antonio, TX

I received my KI order very promptly and delighted to have found a source with a reasonable price. I was interested in the newspaper used as filler stuffed in the small box my KI came in. It was product literature from Backwoods Solar,located in Sandpoint, Idaho. My daughter lives around the corner from Backwoods Solar and I am a frequent visitor. Small world. I live in Stockton, California.
Sincerely, Sam.

WOW! I printed out the whole FAQ so i would have a copy I can keep! This is a tremendous resource! Thanks for also clearing up my questions about iodine in kelp, too. Turned some heads in the health food store as I explained 'the facts'! Keep up the good work.
Patrick K., Boston, MA

What you've done is so important now with all the Y2K potential for nuclear accidents. I've sent out your information to my group and told them I got my KI vials from you in four days. Thank you!
Carol H., Tulsa, OK

God Bless and Thank You! We are now pushing for our church to get it for everyone. It is smart insurance in these times!
Terry E. Raleigh, NC

Just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for taking the time to explain the differences to me between KI and KIO3. BTW, our products got here very quickly...
Francis B., Los Angelos, CA

I was so surprised to open my PO Box and find a notice that my KI COD order had already arrived. Three day can't find that anywhere. I can now rest assure knowing that our "little nest egg" is in place if ever we need to make use of it. The reports and news that I hear everyday regarding the capability of nucleur war is frightening. It is just a matter of when. Thank you and God Bless you for offering this service to the general public, and at such an affordable price that anyone can pick it up. It is refreshing to see someone that is genuinely trying to "help" people and not just trying to make a buck.
Ellen D., Utica, NY

Thank you so much for offering this valuable service. Enclosed is our money order for $60 for three vials. Send one to my parents address below...
Sarah M., San Diego, CA

Hi there Shane!
Got my order very quickly, within four days of ordering. Just now got around to catching up on correspondence and letting you know.

Thanks a bunch for shipping things so quickly, expecially with things starting to heat up all over the globe. I still have hope that my kids will never need the pills. Wish Uncle Sam had been handing these pills out to the general population when I was a kid growing up in Richland Washington in the 1950s and 1960s, but I guess that would have screwed up their experiments with controlled radiation releases on an unsuspecting populace. I'm a 'downwinder', and have a huge node on my thyroid now. Doctors don't know why it's there because it's not affecting my health (yet), but I found out recently that childhood exposure to radiation can cause the enlarged nodes.*
Probably see you next month for another order!
--Rebecca, Stanwood, WA

* I asked Rebecca if she could elaborate some more on her childhood experience, her extended comments follow. -Shane Connor (FAQ author)

    ...about life growing up near an early nuclear plant.... My dad worked out at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and was a health nut because of thyroid problems that developed a few years after he started working there. He died some years back from three seperate distinct forms of cancer, none which run in his family. My mom's lost a lung lobe to cancer, has recurrent skin cancer, and her thyroid just shriveled up and died - she's taken medication for years to regulate her metabolism. But of course no one is thinking that any of this could be related to radiation exposure... there were times when I was growing up that an air raid siren would sound from the roof of City Hall in Richland (probably in nearby towns like Pasco and Kennewick too). That was the signal for everyone to close up shop, get home and stay inside for 24 hours (the workers out at the Reservation had to stay at work). You'd come out after the quarantine was up, and find dead birds in the yard and black holes burned into the leaves of garden plants. And when you went back to school, the teachers handed out papers that you were supposed to fill out listing every bite of food you took in the next week and every swallow of water, and where it came from. At the end of that week a big white truck came onto school property, and you'd line up to hand your paper to the technician. Then you got passed through a machine that made clicking noises (!) while the technician wrote down information. You'd also see vans slowly traveling the city streets with a thing looking like a metal detector sticking out the side.... Lots of dead and deformed babies were born in those years - most of the cemetaries in the area had a special 'Babyland' section... pretty sad that governments think it's okay to use citizens as guinea pigs....

    I lived in the Tri-City area (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick) until age 11 -- my dad lived in Richland until his death, my mom still lives in the area in a small town. Hanford dates back to the early 40s, the 'Fat Man' bomb was built there... Richland in the 1970s had a little museum in City Hall extolling the History of the Reservation - at one time you could even get little glass marble souveniers that had been bombarded with radiation to change their color -- "totally safe!" =O Anyway, I was born in 1957, after the infamous 'Green Run', but I do remember having to stay indoors once or twice when I was little, so I strongly suspect there were other releases - my mother was absolutely PISSED at having lost a batch of carnations during one of these quarantines. She had grown them from seed she saved herself each year, and this particular batch had come out a color she had never seen before and hasn't seen since. She was going to take some to the local fair, save the seed from the rest, and see if she couldn't find a seed company to buy the rights to them. During the quarantine they got all shot through with the black pinholes and died along with some birds. And that was just our yard. Though the government denies there were any more leaks after the Green Run, I do remember two times that I had to fill out the papers I mentioned and go into the truck with the rest of my school (once in the Richland school district, once in the Kennewick school district). I never thought of the once-overs in the trucks as anything out of the ordinary until I mentioned it and our weekly duck 'n cover drills to a coworker (a Pennsylvania native) about twelve years ago. Boy did I feel dumb - but it did start to wake me up. Oh, and once in the early 1970s, a white van with the metal detector thing was cruising the streets of Goldendale (we'd moved there when I started highschool). Goldendale is some hours west of the TriCities, usually upwind and hidden behind a low range of mountains. Anyway, about the time the white van showed up, an old friend of my mother's came to visit - he had left Hanford several years earlier to work for an engineering firm specializing in cleaning up radioactive contamination. He mentioned (and of course we were instructed not to share the information), that they had vans out checking to see how far radioactive contamination from Hanford had spread. He said that they were in the process of trying to clean up the open trenches at Hanford, which were apparently full of cesium. Not only was the cesium exposed to the environment, it also made Hanford one huge potential chain reaction...... I read not too long ago that the groundwater in the Reservation is now contaminated, and is very close to leaking into the mighty Columbia River. The Seattle Times did a marvelous series on the Hanford Reservation and the Green Run some years back, wish I could remember the name of the reporter - she even went out and took pictures of the baby cemetaries and talked with people from Umatilla to Spokane (I can think of at least three kids I went to school with who were born with missing or misshapen limbs - and their mothers had not taken thalidomide. I recollect that there were a lot of profoundly retarded children in the area and kids who had surgeries for facial malformations of the nose and mouth, but then it was the 1960s - medicine/nutrition has come a long way since then).

Well, if you waded through all that above, here's a little surprise below. Our full-size billboard we had up by the Austin airport for 6 expensive months! I was hoping the "Got Milk?" folks would have forced me to take it down, which I'd of promptly done, but not before I'd of been sure that that notice of 'cease & desist' would of been picked up by the news! I was convinced that that story would have been reported and covered far & wide by all the mass media TV and newspapers coast-to-coast giving me tons of free advertising! Unfortunately, they never took the bait, so much for my attempt here at Guerrilla Marketing! But, then again, maybe it's all for the best, they might have sued me really bad, too! Oh, well, moving right along! - Shane

Got KI billboard by the Austin airport


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