Table 3-1.
Trouble-shooting your wood gas generator

Trouble Cause Remedy
Start up takes too long Dirty system or clogged pipes. Clean the gasifier unit and all the connecting piping.
  Blower is too weak Check the blower and thest the battery's charge.
  Wet or poor quality charcoal Check charcoal and replace or refill to proper level.
  Wood fuel bridges in the fire tube. Lightly tamp down the wood fuel in the hopper and fire tube or replace the fuel with smaller-sized chips.
Engine will not start. Insufficient gas Use the blower longer during start up.
  Wet wood fuel. Vent steam and smoke through the fire tube and fuel hopper for several minutes.
  Incorrect fuel-air mixture. Regulate the carburetor's air control for proper mixing
Engine starts, but soon dies Not enough gas has been produced. Use low RPM while starting engine and do not rev engine for several minutes.
  Air channels through fire tube. Tamp down wood fuel lightly in hopper. Do not crush charcoal above the grate.
Engine loses power under load. Restricted gas flow in piping. Reduce air mixture valve setting. Check for partial blockage of unit or piping.
  Leaks in system. Check all covers and pipes for air tightness