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Nuclear War Unthinkable?

Some nuclear-armed countries don't think so, in fact they are preparing now to win & survive it!
(But, first below we'll take a look at the potential for nuclear terrorism at home, then the larger world!)

Do You Rest Easy At Night?

Much of what is presented below is from a paper presented November, 2002 by the Director of Homeland Security Programs of the major supplier to the Federal Government of radiological detection instruments. Some of it is gleaned from my over 40 years of work in the nuclear industry, including 7 years as Chairman of a Nuclear Technology Program at a major southern college, 2 years at the DOE PANTEX FACILITY, 5 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory and 2 Years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

There are 4 basic problems concerning nuclear terrorism facing the U. S. today. These are [not in order of importance]:

(1) A terrorist act at a domestic nuclear facility such as

- A commercial nuclear reactor
- A DOE nuclear facility
- A commercial nuclear fuel enrichment or fabrication facility
- A university nuclear reactor

(2) Explosion of a "Dirty Bomb" in a public place such as

- A major city
- An amusement park
- A sports stadium
- An airport or sea port

(3) Release of radioactive material into and air or water supply

- An aerosol or other airborne radioactive material released into the air intake of a major building
- Radioactive material released into the water supply of a major city

(4) Explosion of a nuclear weapon

- There are over 200 documented cases of persons attempting to purchase special nuclear material (stuff to make bombs) or tactical nuclear weapons on the black market
- There are over 100 "suitcase bombs" missing from the Soviet nuclear inventory

This last item is probably the most important. The former head of Soviet National Security, Alexander Lebed testified to that fact before congress. He stated that the devices measure approximately 24" x 16" x 8" and can be set off by an individual in less than 30 minutes, producing a 1 kilo ton yield. Such a device, set off in New York Harbor would produce a 15 to 20 foot wave that would destroy New York City. Other sources have confirmed that the number of suitcase bombs missing from the Soviet inventory is correct.

Now, how do we detect such a device coming into the U.S.? Weapons grade plutonium, 94% Pu-239 produces a 414 KeV gamma ray, detectable and identifiable by gamma spectroscopy. It also contains approximately 6% Pu-240 that undergoes spontaneous fission, producing neutrons that can be detected by neutron detectors. It also contains Am-241 that produces 60 KeV gamma rays, again detectable by gamma spectroscopy. The significant quantity of weapons grade Pu is about 8 kilograms. The physical size of 8 Kgm of Pu 239 is about the size of a baseball. (Try to find that in a sea/land container.)

Weapons grade uranium is approximately 93% U-235, producing a 186 KeV gamma ray detectable by gamma spectroscopy and 7% U-238, producing a 1001 KeV gamma ray from it's daughter Pa-234m, also detectable by gamma spectroscopy. The significant quantity is about 25 Kgm, a sphere about 7" in diameter. (Again, try to find that in a sea/land container.)

The radiological signature of any of the gamma emitters could easily be shielded by a few inches of lead or tungsten. Four or five inches of steel would effectively reduce the radiations to background. Think about putting it inside the cylinders of and engine in a car being imported!

So where could this material enter the U.S.? It could come in as Sea Cargo. The U.S. Customs has stated that only 2% of Sea Cargo is inspected. It could come in as Air Cargo. FedEx, UPS and USPS are not inspected! It could come across at border crossings. Only a few of the border inspectors are equipped with alarming dosimeters and even fewer are trained in how to use them. A nuclear device or special nuclear material could come in with luggage from commercial aviation, general aviation, cruse ships or by private car. Or, perhaps, by fishing boat or private yacht. As you can see, there are many ways for an enemy to get a device into the U.S. (There's more to this story of our porous borders that can't/shouldn't be shared publicly, but bottom line is, it's actually much worse and easier penetrated than stated here.) Incidentally, there are not enough instruments currently available for purchase to equip all of the ports of entry and it will take at least 2 more years to manufacture such instruments. They are also expensive, ranging in price from a killobuck or so for an alarming dosimeter to detect special nuclear material to more than $100,000 for a single installation to survey a sea/land container.

What is being done to protect us?

Thursday morning, June 6 (anniversary of D-day), 2002, President George W. Bush met with his Homeland Security Council and discussed a Department of Homeland Security (DHS). That evening he proposed that Congress establish a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The mission of the DHS would be to prevent terrorist attacks within the U.S., reduce America's vulnerability to terrorism and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur. There would be four divisions of the Department. They would be Border and Transportation Security, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Countermeasures and Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection. The DHS would have approximately 169,000 employees and a budget of $37 billion.

Thus far the DHS has not been funded by Congress. Sleep well tonight!

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Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York
By Shane Green, Herald Correspondent in Tokyo
March 8, 2003

North Korea would launch a ballistic missile attack on the United States if Washington made a pre-emptive strike against the communist state's nuclear facility, the man described as Pyongyang's "unofficial spokesman" claimed yesterday.

Kim Myong-chol, who has links to the Stalinist regime, told reporters in Tokyo that a US strike on the nuclear facility at Yongbyon "means nuclear war".

"If American forces carry out a pre-emptive strike on the Yongbyon facility, North Korea will immediately target, carry the war to the US mainland," he said, adding that New York, Washington and Chicago would be "aflame".

A pre-emptive strike on Yongbyon is one of the strategic options in the crisis over North Korea's nuclear arms program. The US has deployed 24 long-range bombers to the Pacific base of Guam capable of launching such a strike.

Mr Kim, who has written a text studied by North Korean military leaders, predicted North Korea would restart its reprocessing plant to make weapons-grade plutonium this month.

A nuclear weapon would be produced by the end of next month, with another five by the end of the year, he said. This was on top of a suspected nuclear arsenal of 100 weapons.

The ultimate aim of North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-il, was the "neutralisation of the American factor" in the region, Mr Kim said.

This would be achieved by striking a non-aggression pact with the US or becoming an "official" nuclear power, thereby making the US nuclear umbrella in the region irrelevant. "Both ways, Kim Jong-il is a winner," Mr Kim said.

"By the end of the year, I predict Bush will be in Pyongyang suing for peace," Mr Kim said. While his comments are extreme, they match the heated and belligerent rhetoric of North Korea, which has previously warned of nuclear war and turning the cities of its enemies into a "sea of ashes".

The Bush Administration yesterday made renewed calls on China and other countries in the region to help broker a solution to the crisis. In his live televised press conference, Mr Bush said North Korea's nuclear program was a regional issue.

"I say 'regional' because there's a lot of countries that have got a direct stake into whether or not North Korea has nuclear weapons," Mr Bush said. "We've got a stake as to whether North Korea has nuclear weapons. China clearly has a stake as to whether or not North Korea has a nuclear weapon."

The Bush Administration is pushing for multilateral talks with North Korea but the communist state wants direct talks with Washington.

In the meantime, diplomatic activity is continuing behind the scenes. "We have a number of diplomatic initiatives under way - some of them very, very quietly under way - to see if we cannot get a multilateral dialogue started," the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, told a US Senate Committee.

Yesterday the US also flagged the possible withdrawal of its 37,000 troops from South Korea, part of the rethink of a deployment in place since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

The US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said the US was consulting with South Korea and he suspected "we'll end up making some adjustments there".

"Whether the forces come home or whether they will move further south of the [Korean] peninsula or whether to some neighbouring area are the kinds of things that are being sorted out," he said at a "town hall" meeting in Germany.

North Korea: Our missiles can hit all of U.S.

WorldNetDaily ^ | March 8, 2003

Unofficial Pyongyang spokesman makes bold threat

North Korean missiles can hit all of the U.S. and the Stalinist regime has no problems contemplating launching them, threatens the man considered the unofficial spokesman for dictator Kim Jong-Il.

''North Korean missiles can reach any part of the United States of America,'' said Kim Myong-Chol, reportedly well-connected to the North Korean regime. ''There is no shelter for Bush.''

The regime is distressed over U.S.-South Korean war games taking place near the demilitarized zone separating the north from the south. Pyongyang says the exercises prove Washington is planning a military strike on its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon.

In comments published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Kim says Pyongyang wants to reunify the two Koreas and expel U.S. troops from the south more than it wants economic aid from the West.

He predicts President Bush will be in Pyongyang before the end of the year looking for peace in the region. Washington is currently refusing to hold one-on-one talks with Pyongyang.

''This year, most likely by the end of this year, I predict Bush will be in Pyongyang pushing for peace,'' he said.

Kim says North Korea is about to start building nuclear bombs, a development that will force Washington to the negotiating table.

North Korea may test missile that could hit U.S., expert says

SJ Mercury News ^ | 3/7/03 | Michael Zielenziger - Knight Ridder

TOKYO - A military expert with close ties to North Korea warned Friday that Pyongyang would test a ballistic missile capable of "splashing down off Los Angeles or New York" if the Bush administration refuses to negotiate with the communist regime.

Kim Myong-chol, the executive director of the Tokyo-based Center for Korean-American Peace, who is viewed as an unofficial spokesman for Pyongyang, said North Korean strongman Kim Jong Il intends to produce dozens of nuclear weapons in a bid to "neutralize" U.S. influence on the Korean peninsula and bring about reunification of North and South Korea.

Hours after he spoke, the Pentagon announced that North Korea had declared a maritime exclusion zone off its coast in the Sea of Japan - warning ships to avoid the area - in a sign that Pyongyang may intend to fire another missile in the next few days. North Korea made a similar announcement days before the Feb. 24 test of an anti-ship missile.

The Defense Department downplayed the announcement, saying it was not "overly concerned" about the possibility of a missile test. A test firing would be the latest in a series of provocative moves by the isolated Pyongyang regime.

Tensions between the United States and North Korea rose last weekend when North Korean jet fighters surrounded a US RC-135 reconnaissance plane flying over the Sea of Japan. The United States has in the last week moved long-range bombers to Guam, in the western Pacific, within range of North Korea.

"Kim (Jong Il)'s first duty is to reunite North and South and eliminate that which stands in its way," Kim Myong-chol said, referring to the 37,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea. A Japanese-born Korean who received his graduate education in Pyongyang, Kim is believed to be close to North Korea's leadership. A year ago, he correctly predicted North Korea would force international nuclear inspectors to leave the country and start up a nuclear reactor capable of producing dangerous plutonium. He has written two books outlining North Korean military doctrine.

On Thursday, President Bush said in a nationally-televised press conference that he was "working hard to bring a diplomatic solution" to the crisis over North Korea's efforts to develop nuclear weapons, but insisted that multilateral negotiations, involving nations such as Russia, China and South Korea, were the best way to contain Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. The North Koreans are demanding face-to-face talks with Washington and a promise by the Bush administration not to threaten North Korea's sovereignty.

Kim predicted that North Korea would continue to threaten Washington with missile tests and production of nuclear weapons until Bush is forced to come to Pyongyang and sue for peace.

"As long as the U.S. doesn't talk to North Korea, North Korea will feel justified acquiring nuclear arms and nuclear weapons," he said. Once Pyongyang acquires a nuclear arsenal, the presence of U.S. troops on the Korean peninsula will be "irrelevant," he said, noting that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had already suggested this week that American troops might no longer be needed on the Korean peninsula.

"Acquiring nuclear weapons is just one means to neutralize the U.S. role," Kim said. "The dream scheme is to secure a peace treaty and diplomatic recognition from Washington."

He said Pyongyang had decided to pursue its nuclear ambitions because neither the Clinton nor the Bush administrations intended to keep the promises the United States made in a 1994 agreement, which pledged that Washington, Tokyo and Seoul would build electric power plants in North Korea. Washington assumed the Pyongyang regime would collapse within a decade, he said, so it never took its commitments seriously. In fact, Congress repeatedly refused to allocate funds to build the plants or supply the heavy fuel oil that were part of the 1994 Agreed Framework.

He also warned that a U.S. "surgical strike" against North Korea's nuclear facility at Yongbyon would trigger an immediate retaliation from Pyongyang that would "leave Washington, New York and Chicago aflame." But if Washington agreed to talk, North Korea would accept U.S.-led inspections and eventual reunification of the two Koreas, which inevitably would lead to a democratic, unified nation.

North Korea Missile Warhead Found in Alaska

By Ryu Jin
Staff Reporter - Korea Times - March 4th, 2003 at 17:27

The warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in the U.S. state of Alaska, a report to the National Assembly revealed yesterday.

According to a U.S. document, the last piece of a missile warhead fired by North Korea was found in Alaska,¡¯¡¯ former Japanese foreign minister Taro Nakayama was quoted as saying in the report. ``Washington, as well as Tokyo, has so far underrated Pyongyang¡¯s missile capabilities.¡¯¡¯

The report was the culmination of monthlong activities of the Assembly¡¯s overseas delegation to five countries over the North Korean nuclear crisis. The Assembly dispatched groups of lawmakers to the United States, Japan, China, Russia and European Union last month to collect information and opinions on the international issue.

The team sent to Japan, headed by Rep. Kim Hak-won of the United Liberal Democrats, reported, ``Nakayama said Washington has come to put more emphasis on trilateral cooperation between South Korea, Japan and the United States since it recognized that the three countries are within the range of North Korean missiles.¡¯¡¯

According to the group dispatched to the U.S., American politicians had a wide range of opinions over the resolution of the nuclear issue, from ``a peaceful resolution¡¯¡¯ to ``military response.¡¯¡¯

Doves, such as Rep. Edward J. Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat and co-chairman of the Bipartisan Task Force on Nonproliferation, called for a peaceful settlement of the current confrontation, by offering food, energy and other humanitarian aid to the poverty-stricken country, while urging the North to give up its nuclear ambitions.

Rep. Markey also said the North should return to the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and the U.S. should make a nonaggression pact with the communist North.

Hardliners, however, warned that the North¡¯s possession of nuclear weapons will instigate a nuclear race in the region, provoking Japan to also acquire nuclear weapons. Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, an Illinois Republican, said the U.S. might have to bomb the Yongbyon nuclear complex should the North try to export its nuclear material to other countries.

Over the controversy concerning the withdrawal of U.S. forces stationed here, most American legislators that the parliamentary delegation met said U.S. troops should stay on the peninsula as long as the Korean people want, the report said.

The North Korean Central News Agency released this propaganda poster January 31, 2003 depicting North Korea's military power.

North Korea's official media said on February 3 that the communist state's troops were in full combat readiness in case of U.S. aggression, amid signs of rising tensions over the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Radio Pyongyang quoted Korean People's Army chiefs as vowing loyalty to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who it said had toured two army units over the weekend as his country vilified the United States over the three-month-old nuclear impasse. Photo by Korea News Service/Reuters

What are Russia, China expecting?

Moscow boosts civil-defense budget, Beijing conducting air-raid drills

Posted: February 15, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2003
With the world's attention focused on the impending war in Iraq, the international media have overlooked interesting war and emergency preparations in both China and Russia, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The Russian government is tripling civil-defense outlays this year, while the U.S. continues to see no need for a sheltering system to protect civilians from the effects of nuclear radiation and bio-chem warfare, reports G2B in its first edition this week.

According to G2B, a top Russian official noted civil defense has become a top priority for Moscow when "international terrorism made illusory the line between war and peace." New spending will focus on alerting the public to imminent threats. Russia already has an outstanding shelter system – something lacking in the United States.

There are no provisions in the Department of Homeland Security budget for building shelters, reports the intelligence newsletter.

At the same time, the new online intelligence newsletter launched by the editor and founder of reports Chinese air-raid drills are giving citizens of Taiwan the jitters.

"Why is China conducting air-raid drills in major cities like Shanghai?" asks G2B. "What are Beijing officials expecting? Who's going to attack the mainland?"

G2B says the drills are getting little notice at the Pentagon, which is single-mindedly focused on the impending war in Iraq.

Chinese officials call the exercises routine. But in a speech after a drill in Shanghai, Gen. Liang Guanglie, commander of the military district responsible for Shanghai's defense, said strengthening civil defense was necessary because of the "very serious" situation with Taiwan.

"Do the Chinese expect Taiwan to launch an invasion of the mainland?" asks G2B. "Hardly. The only threat to mainland China would occur if Beijing launched an attack on Taiwan."

Any conflict would likely involve the United States, which supports Taiwan's defense.

Asked whether the drill was meant to prepare for a possible American attack, Mao Yushu, vice director of Shanghai's Civil Defense Department, said, "The biggest threat is an air attack. Of course, we want to have done all preparations in this regard."

The last time air-raid sirens sounded within Shanghai was Feb. 6, 1950, when war planes from the Nationalist government in Taiwan passed near the city, according to the government-owned newspaper Shanghai Daily.

Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin is a subscription-based, independent, online intelligence resource edited and published by the veteran newsman and founder of Each week it taps into Farah's network of international intelligence sources for insights into geo-political and geo-strategic developments.

"In spite of the many uncertainties of our study we do have a great deal of confidence in some partial conclusions -- such as, that a nation like the United States or the Soviet Union could handle each of the problems of radioactivity, physical destruction, or likely levels of casualties, if they occurred by themselves. That is, we believe if either nation were to be dusted with radioactivity in a wartime manner, and if nothing else happened, this radioactivity could, with minor preparations for a small attack and elaborate preparations for a large one, be handled."
HERMAN KAHN: On Thermonuclear War

"Nuclear winter is the most recent attempt to prove that winning a nuclear war is impossible. A new apocalyptic theory was necessary from the viewpoint of the antinuclear activists who originated and publicized nuclear winter because other theories of apocalypse, such as the fallout theory, had been discredited by the scientific community."
PETER VINCENT PRY: Nuclear Wars, Exchanges and Outcomes

"In modern warfare, nuclear weapons can be employed for various missions: strategic, operational, and tactical. From a purely military point of view, a nuclear weapon is incomparably more effective than a conventional weapon. It permits the execution of military missions in a considerably shorter time than was possible in past wars. For this reason, experts believe that the nuclear weapon is the most powerful and effective instrument by which to destroy an opponent in any type of operation, or in war as a whole."
V.D. SOKOLOVSKII: Soviet Military Strategy

The following was compiled/written by Jeff Nyquist from

Russian War Preparations:

* Moscow has outfitted hundreds of fighter-bombers with additional fuel tanks and in-flight refueling capability, augmenting Russia's intercontinental strike capability.
* Russia has been constructing large numbers of military transport aircraft for foreign customers who do not exist.
* Russia has been building and accumulating dry docks even though, at the moment, no foreign customers for them exist.
* Russia has recently fielded a new battle tank; a new state-of-the-art fighter; super-quiet submarines which can engage sea, land and air targets simultaneously; a new attack helicopter and sniper rifle.
* Russia has developed a revolutionary new rifle-fired infantry weapon, the so-called vacuum grenade, which can give a single Russian soldier the firepower of a 155mm howitzer. Russia has begun joint production of this weapon with the Chinese.
* Russia now emphasizes the production of mobile ICBMs like the Topol-M, which are designed to evade satellite detection, permitting the Russians to cheat on arms control agreements.
* Russia continues to develop biological and chemical weapons, sometimes with the use of U.S. funds. According to recent defectors, Russia is now working on a super-plague weapon.
* Russian diplomacy is clearly attempting to build an anti-American alliance which includes countries like China, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, South Africa, Syria, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iran and India.
* Russian Spetsnaz commandos continue to train with suitcase nukes against U.S. targets.
* Russia is hoarding strategic metals which are vital for keeping up war production through the first months of a nuclear world war.
* Russia is importing more food than needed for domestic consumption. At the same time, Russia has constructed huge underground nuclear-proof food storage facilities.
* Russia has developed an impressive engineering rescue capability, organized into special military formations positioned outside large cities, for rescuing citizens trapped beneath rubble in the event of a nuclear attack.
* Recent Russian movies and pop songs depict Americans as stupid animals who deserve to die. In keeping with this theme, NATO is depicted as an aggressive alliance, sometimes likened to Hitler's Third Reich.
* Russia is building huge underground cities, like the one at Yamantau Mountain in the Urals. These cities are built more than a thousand feet into the earth and are able to withstand direct nuclear attack.
* Russia has been modernizing nuclear bunkers located beneath Moscow.
* Russia has erected a system of national missile defense far beyond that allowed by the 1972 ABM Treaty. Deploying approximately 10,000 dual-purpose mobile SAM/ABMs, Russia has used a loophole in the treaty to provide a powerful missile shield. Using a common-sense approach to ABM defense, Russia's interceptor missiles employ special nuclear warheads that can destroy incoming warheads without having to score a direct head-on hit.
* Russia is also ahead of the United States in directed energy weapons that could be used to blind or destroy U.S. early warning satellites.
* Many of Russia's mafia organizations operate in collaboration with, or under the supervision of, military intelligence and the state security services. Organized crime is used to penetrate Western banks, technology companies, law enforcement and government. Routes used for smuggling drugs and other contraband are reserved in wartime for bringing biological, chemical and nuclear weapons into the U.S.

Chinese war preparations:

* Civil defense drills began in major Chinese cities last summer.
* Chinese military commanders have been told that nuclear war with America could begin at any time.
* China has been developing and deploying new road-mobile long range missiles like the DF-31 and DF-41.
* China is modernizing its navy, purchasing advanced Russian warships and missiles capable of sinking U.S. carriers.
* China has been rapidly building a large store of advanced nuclear warheads.
* China has positioned bases to block the main western entry point into the Pacific, and has acquired indirect control of the Panama Canal through front companies.
* China has formed military ties with Cuba and Venezuela.
* China has also penetrated Sudan, and is spreading missile and nuclear technology to rogue states in Africa and the Middle East.
* China has massed troops, aircraft, ships and missiles opposite Taiwan.
* China has engaged in war exercises during which U.S. forces in the Pacific were targeted by Chinese forces.

USA War Preparations:

* No civil defense.
* No national missile defense.
* No road or rail-mobile ICBMs.
* Abandonment of the Panama Canal.
* U.S. officials have allowed nuclear warhead secrets to leak out to China.
* The U.S. pays Russia billions of dollars to encourage disarmament measures, but these billions are diverted to Russian war preparations.
* The U.S. Navy is short of fuel.
* The U.S. Army is short of recruits and officers, and has only 10 divisions, with 8 of them unfit for combat.
* The U.S. Air Force is facing pilot shortages, and many aircraft remain grounded for lack of spare parts.
* Only 18 ballistic missile submarines remain in the U.S. Navy, with only 9 at sea on any given day. Many of the missile tubes on these boats are loaded with ballast instead of missiles, due to the START Treaty.
* America's ballistic missile submarine commanders no longer have the launch codes to fire their nuclear weapons, but must rely on the president to send them the launch codes in the event of a war emergency.
* Effective National Civil Defense Program abandoned decades ago and largely non-existent.
* Shop until you drop.
* Wave good-bye to your country.
* Say hello to your new landlords, Mr. Wang and Mr Russki.

From Bruce Beach 10/22/2001...

The news as it came to me today. 
Please do your own analysis on the following 5 items.


Item 1.
This from the Hidustan Times on 10/22

China assisting us in war against US: 
Taliban commander K J M Varma 
(Islamabad, October 22)

Taliban Commander-in-Chief Jalaluddin Haqqani has claimed that the militia 
was "in touch" with China, which was assisting them in the war against US.
Before leaving for Afghanistan after holding talks with Pakistani officials 
here, Haqqani, who is also the Minister for Frontier Regions, told 
reporters "China is still assisting Taliban in the war against the United 


Item 2. 
This is from the Irish Examiner 10/22

Israeli warplanes attack Hezbollah positions in Lebanon

Israeli warplanes have attacked suspected Hezbollah guerrilla bases in 
southern Lebanon after the guerrillas fired rockets and mortar shells at 
Israeli positions in the disputed Chebaa Farms area.

Witnesses said the Israelis used air-to-surface missiles and artillery 
shells against the Hezbollah fighters in a valley near the village of 

It was the first Israeli air raid on Lebanon since July 1st, when Israel 
attacked Syrian army positions in eastern Lebanon in retaliation for a 
Hezbollah attack near Chebaa Farms. 


Item 3. 
Source: Xinhua News Agency - CEIS 
Publication date: 2001-10-21 

Qatar Calls for U.N. Emergency Meeting for Mideast Crisis

Qatar has requested the United Nations Security Council to hold an 
emergency meeting to discuss the escalating Middle East crisis, Kuwait's 
official KUNA news agency reported.

"The meeting is to seek international protection of the Palestinian people, 
create adequate conditions for resumption of the Middle East peace process 
on its original basis which includes land- for-peace theme," an official 
source at the Qatari foreign ministry was quoted by KUNA as saying.
He added that Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al- Thani has 
summoned ambassadors of the permanent member states of the Security Council 
and conveyed to them the request.

More than 20 Palestinians have been killed and dozens wounded since Israel 
launched massive incursions into six Palestinian self- rule cities in the 
West Bank in retaliation for the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister 
Rehavam Ze'evi by Palestinian gunmen onWednesday.

Oil-rich Qatar is the current chairman of the Organization of Islamic 


Item 4. 
BETHLEHEM, West Bank, Oct 22 (AFP) -

The Bethlehem branch of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement 
on Monday warned the Israeli army to end its occupation of this West Bank 
town or see the neighbouring Jewish settlement of Gilo engulfed in rifle 
and mortar fire.

"If the Israeli army does not withdraw from Bethlehem in the coming hours, 
then Fatah will impose its own curfew on Gilo by shooting and shelling," 
the Bethlehem branch of Fatah warned in a statement. 


Item 5.
Iraq Next - 
(The headline in major Toronto newspaper - 
in newspaper box today. 
"Did you see that" - my wife said, 
on the way back from the eye specialist. 
"Nope, I didn't see anything - 
especially since the doctor put drops in my eyes.")

But the world as I see it.-

     a. The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is hammering Palestine. 
   a2. Twenty Palestinians killed in the last few days - 
   a3. F-16s being used for only 2nd time 
          since Israel withdrawal from Palestine. 
   a4. Sharon saying he will really let the hammer fall 
         on the 27th or 28th if Arafat doesn't turn over 
         the minister's assassins 
         (which Arafat can in no way do).

    b. The Moslems getting very upset about this - 
         as evidenced by the head of the Moslem League 
         asking the UN Security Council to intervene.
    b2. And now for the first time 
         there is Moslem representation on the Security Council 
        (Syria was just appointed there).
    b3. Along with Amman being the Secretary General of the UN.
     c.  The US is hammering the Taliban in China.
     c1. Which is upsetting Moslems the world over. 
     c2. China has signed a treaty with the Taliban.
     c3. Chinese soldiers reported killed two days ago 
            while assisting the Taliban (according to Debka File)
     c4. China and Russian have said that they wish for the US 
            to stop bombing in Afghanistan.

        d. Russia and China have told the US not to bomb Iraq.
      d1. US has been bombing Iraq anyway.
      d2. US bombing of Iraq has been against UN rules.
      d3. US is planning further action against Iraq 
            as evidenced by statements by Bush, Cheney and Powell.

       e. Yesterday the US reinforced South Korea with more fighter planes.
      e1. North Korea strongly protested.

       f. Taiwan has disappeared off the US public radar screen 
           but China is emphatic as ever.

       g. Pakistan versus India situation greatly heating up - 
           and both of them are nuclear powers.
       h. Major arms and missiles being moved into position by Hizbollah.

Strangely, when I try to get news from some of my regular sources - 
they have disappeared.
Is it just a fluke -
or have they been zapped by Moslem hackers -
or have they been closed down by the Israeli Government.

Also my Debka File newswire is running hours behind - 
after showing lots more conflicts, injuries, deaths, incidents 
than usual. 

See that at:
You can click on any news item on the newswire 
and it will take you directly to it.

I suspect, 
that when things really begin to break - 
there will be a news blackout. 
It may be happening already - 
and we just don't know about it.

Yep, I agree with Senator McCain - 
nuclear war within 30 days - 
or, for my part, quite possibly much sooner - 
and I don't see it being a limited regional conflict.

As I always point out - 
I share all my facts - 
and sources. 
You can interpret them just as well as I. 
If you see it differently - 
well - so be it.

All that you hear on the TV 
is about Anthrax. 
A nothing situation. 
Probably home grown terrorism just as was Oklahoma City. 
Of no real significance. 
More people infected each day with fatal versions of AIDs. 
Many more killed in auto-accidents. 
So what.

The news items that I have mentioned - 
may lead to elimination of 80 percent of the world's population 
in the next 30 days. 

And where are you reading or hearing about that.

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Nyquist's 4-Jun-2001 article from WorldNetDaily...

Connecting the dots on Chinese amphibious exercises

© 2001

Last week, Chinese troops and transports were massed for a large military exercise opposite Taiwan. According to the Chinese press, the People's Liberation Army will practice an attack against "an outlying Taiwanese island while fighting off an aircraft carrier."

This should read "American aircraft carrier."

Last April 25, President George W. Bush said that he would support Taiwan with "whatever it took" in the event of a Chinese attack. Therefore, the Chinese are training their troops to deal with U.S. forces as part of China's war strategy.

The Chinese exercises are said to involve at least 157 amphibious craft and vehicles. Hundreds of Chinese surface-to-surface missiles stand at the ready. Although the Pentagon dismisses the exercises as "routine," the observed numbers of Chinese forces currently massing are three times higher than during previous exercises of this kind.

In recent years China has developed new amphibious tanks and armored personnel carriers. These are now on display. The Chinese have also acquired hovercraft transports and large amphibious ships. From the Taiwan side there is no official alarm. Taiwan's Defense Ministry has stated that Chinese forces "are not targeted" at Taiwan and have nothing to do with the fact that Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, has been on a tour of South American countries.

United States commanders and strategists continue to assert that China cannot successfully invade Taiwan because they lack the naval transport capability. The main technical problem for a direct Chinese assault on Taiwan is the density of the defending ground forces, the small number of suitable beaches, and the intervention of powerful U.S. naval forces.

As if to quietly backstop the Chinese exercises, the Russians have recently been adding to their strategic bomber forces in the Far East. Russian long-range bombers capable of carrying anti-ship missiles have been added to growing air deployments along the Pacific. Last year during Chinese military exercises Russian aircraft buzzed an American carrier battlegroup without triggering a prompt U.S. interception, leading to speculation that Russia had developed a bolt-on stealth device for its tactical aircraft. The Russian press boasted that if the fly-over of the American carrier had been a war-time mission, the carrier would have been sunk.

The growing closeness of Russia and China continues to be a topic of strategic concern for those who see a genuine threat from the combined forces of the two U.S. adversaries. The Chinese strategy of "Make a noise in the East, but strike to the West," is suggestive of coordination with Russia, which is capable of striking a heavy blow with its missiles and air forces in the event of a serious military crisis with the United States.

The overall strategic dilemma of the U.S. must now be understood in terms of the simultaneous outbreak of regional wars or unrest in the Balkans, Middle East, Indonesia and Korea. On Friday, William Taylor, writing in the Washington Times, pointed to "the burgeoning Arab-Israeli conflict that could easily result in a major war and the (simultaneous) worsening situation on the Korean Peninsula."

Taylor says that U.S. strategy is drifting. He adds that we are reviewing our strategy, and continue to review it without result. According to Taylor, the U.S. Executive Branch appears to be suffering from "operational paralysis." Taylor is perplexed and complains, "One is reminded of Nero fiddling while Rome burns."

But is Rome actually burning?

If we look at the world map, we can see smoke rising from various strategic locations. The recent incursion of Albanian forces into Macedonia has caused serious embarrassment to NATO. President Vladimir Putin of Russia, extending support and advice to the Macedonians and the Serbs, has urged violent counter-measures. Agreements in the region are meaningless as NATO forces are pinned down in a police action that renders them vulnerable to Serbian regular forces and to KLA rebels. In other words, NATO has deployed its troops into a virtual sandwich, taking for granted its own military superiority.

Meanwhile, completely overshadowing the Balkans crisis, Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat has been warning of an Israeli assault on Palestinian positions for the past week. Refusing to reciprocate on an Israeli cease-fire, Arafat went to Russia and to various European capitals arguing for his cause. Many observers agree that violence between Jews and Arabs cannot remain at present levels indefinitely. There is bound to be a major escalation leading to war. Israeli Infrastructure Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Israeli radio last Thursday, "In the next 48 hours we need to go into all Palestinian areas and destroy the entire infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, destroy the weapons cache of their forces including those of the militias."

Such a move would likely cause a major war, an oil embargo against the West and a massive hit on the American economy.

As the Middle East crisis worsens, we find unrest in another oil-producing region coming to a head. Last Wednesday the Indonesian parliament convened a special legislative session that may lead to the removal of President Abdurrahman Wahid in August. Indonesian oil production is already staggered, and a deepening of the national crisis is almost certain.

On the Korean peninsula the situation continues to darken. The North Koreans have removed construction troops that were supposed to clear barriers from the communist side of the DMZ. On the Allied side, the construction troops remain in hopes that the DMZ will be cleared and a friendship rail link will be established. The North Korean communists have massed over 1.1 million troops and have forward deployed the largest artillery force on earth. "We are worried about the situation," said Marine Corps Major Gen. Jerry Humble during a military briefing last April.

Incredibly, despite dangerous developments throughout the world, the United States dropped its two-major war policy last month, in order to permit continued Clinton-style under-funding of the U.S. military. Just at a time when war could break out simultaneously in four theaters – Korea, Taiwan Straits, the Balkans and the Middle East – the new Republican administration refuses to fund the necessary levels of readiness to meet a growing multi-front crisis.

Meanwhile, the Russians are not showing similar laxness. Links with foreigners are now being curbed in Russia. New rules were set forth last week by the Kremlin which regulate contacts between Russian scientists and foreigners. One Russian legislator said to reporters, "These directives are completely in keeping with Kremlin policy. That is what causes most alarm."

Indeed, such measures are alarming. They indicate Moscow's ultimate hostility toward the United States. Over the last three years, Russia has gradually taken many small steps in the direction of a renewed Cold War. Slowly and gradually the old Iron Curtain is being reconstructed. But the West, drugged with its own economic optimism, refuses to see what is happening.

The writing is on the wall. An outbreak of regional wars has been in preparation for many months. Will these regional wars open the way to a general world war?

Only time will tell.

China, Russia Plot Space Attacks
Thursday, Feb. 8, 2001

The Pentagon is warning that reliance on space technology is America's Achilles heel, which Communist China and Russia are intent on exploiting and attacking.

According to the Thursday issue of the Washington Times:
That was the scenario laid out by Vice Adm. Thomas R. Wilson, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and George J. Tenet, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, at the intelligence community's annual world threat briefing Wednesday.

This was the first time American intelligence officials have discussed in public the space-warfare threat facing the United States.

Because the U.S. military relies so heavily on satellites and space-based sensors for communications, intelligence, reconnaissance and command-and-control of forces all over the world, the three-star admiral said, "future adversaries will be able [by 2015] to employ a wide variety of means to disrupt, degrade or defeat portions of the U.S. space support system. China and Russia have across-the-board programs under way, and other smaller states and non-state entities are pursuing more limited ­ though potentially effective ­ approaches."

Trent concurred, adding that "our adversaries well understand U.S. strategic dependence on access to space. Operations to disrupt, degrade, or defeat U.S. space assets will be attractive options for those seeking to counter U.S. strategic military superiority."

U.S. experts have reported that China is already developing ground-based laser weapons and electronic-pulse weapons capable of blinding or destroying American satellites.

Both Wilson and Trent told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee they cannot verify that China is keeping its word given to the United States that it would curb sales of its missiles and weapons of mass destruction to other counties.

Seated between Wilson and the State Department's intelligence chief, Thomas Fingar, the CIA director laid out a sobering assessment of what confronts the United States from abroad:

• Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden and his terrorists pose "the most immediate and serious threat" of attacks on Americans on American soil.
• Not only is the Islamist Taleban regime in Afghanistan providing a safe haven to bin Laden, but also it is engaging in drug trafficking.
• The threat from long-range ballistic nuclear missiles is confined no longer just to Russia and China but now includes North Korea, Iran and possibly Iraq.
• Risk of "full-scale war" between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region, now "unacceptably high," could lead to a regional nuclear conflict.
• Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia is reverting in several ways to a Soviet-style government, undermining democracy. Breaking News
February 21, 2001
Inside Cover Special from

Col. Lunev Warns of Russia on CNN

Yesterday, CNN International, watched by millions in more than 200 countries, featured's exclusive columnist, Col. Stanislav Lunev.

Lunev is the highest-ranking military spy ever to defect from Russia. His amazing story is told in his best-selling book "Through the Eyes of the Enemy."

More info: Of course, after being Russia's top spy in Washington and China, Lunev is well versed in spying and counter-espionage -- and an in-demand guest with new revelations about Russia's spy within the FBI.

Col. Lunev told CNN's worldwide audience that America remains in danger from Russia -- and that the latest FBI spy scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

In 1992, Lunev defected just as Yeltsin was taking power.

At that time Lunev told the CIA and the FBI not to believe the talk of democracy in Russia and the "end of the USSR."

Russia's military was still dead-set on preparing for a major, nuclear war with the U.S.

He said that Russian plans called for a major build-up of strategic weapons, like nuclear, chemical and biological weapons as the U.S. disarmed. Russia also planned to keep up its spying activity in the U.S.

Lunev knew this firsthand.

In fact, part of his job -- even after "the break-up" of the USSR -- was to locate drop sites in the U.S. where suit-case sized nuclear bombs would be detonated before Russia launched missiles at the U.S as part of a surprise attack.

Since 1992, much of what Lunev says has come to pass.

To order Col. Lunev's book, click here:

Russia has engaged in a massive build-up of strategic weaponry and, as the latest spy case shows, has continued her efforts to undermine and spy on America's national security apparatus.

America has also dramatically disarmed over these past eight years of Clinton-Gore.

Col. Lunev's revelations were largely ignored by the Clinton-Gore administration, but some top intelligence experts are worried that Lunev has been right all along.

To read more about Col. Lunev's revelations and what he told the CIA -- including details of massive Russian penetration of our government, and media organizations as well -- make sure you get a copy of his shocking book "Through the Eyes of the Enemy."

You can order this book at a discount from by clicking here:

Keep checking for all the latest news and commentary. Breaking News
April 10, 2001 Presidential Briefing: China Plans War
By Admiral Thomas Moorer
60 Minutes Audiotape

Just released ­ China is planning on a major war with the U.S. in the next two years. That is the conclusion of Admiral Thomas H. Moorer.

This new audiotape is available at

Moorer is the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer. He has advised no less than seven U.S. presidents.

Moorer was chairman in the early 1970s when Pres. Nixon "opened up" China. He has dealt with China in three wars and commanded the Pacific Fleet.

In a stunning one-hour audiotape exclusive to readers, Adm. Moorer gives a complete briefing on the danger posed by China, the same type of briefing he gave to U.S. presidents.

You can get this tape by clicking here:

In this audiotape Moorer discusses:

· Why China's hostage taking fits with their strategy of defeating the U.S.

· He explains what steps must be taken now to stop China's military build-up and prevent a war

· Why he believes a conflict with China over Taiwan is inevitable

· His view that a major war with China could erupt in two short years

· Why such a war would likely lead to the use of atomic weapons by both sides

· Details of China's emergence as a global nuclear superpower, thanks to Bill Clinton

· The fact that China's has new bases in both the Panama Canal and the Bahamas, allowing them to covertly strike every U.S. city with atomic weapons delivered by their large arsenal of short and medium range missiles

· China's desire to challenge the U.S. on every continent - and their active use of illegal immigration and the arming of Marxist guerillas in Central America as a means to that end

In this special Presidential Briefing, Adm. Moorer explains why Gen. MacArthur's warnings about China were prophetic. Moorer warns that a new nexus between Russia and China now threatens the balance of world power, and fears that one or more conflicts may face America in the next few years.

You won't hear this from the major media. Get your copy today:

Keep checking for all the latest news and commentary.

Not 1 in 1000 Chinese cargo containers are ever searched by U.S. Customs!

A U.S. Customs official said in the Orange County Register (3/15/97):
"Ships are subject to random searches and shippers must submit documents listing ship and container contents. But there are thousands of containers which come into the ports each month. We cannot inspect each and every container - we have to accept what is on the documents as a true representation of what is in that cargo."

Last Warning: China Ready to Take Taiwan in 2002
Dr. Alexandr Nemets and Dr. Thomas Torda
Monday, April 16, 2001
China is fast developing its naval and war capabilities to engage in a major war in Asia with the purpose of taking Taiwan by the fall of 2002. Two respected analysts report that shipments of advanced Russian military equipment will be delivered and in place by late next year. The experts believe China's plans have already put it on a confrontation course with its neighbors, and a collision course with the U.S.

What has happened during the last two weeks has surprised many experts, let alone persons having limited knowledge about China. The first question: How did it happen?

The incident involving the U.S. EP-3 did not happen in a vacuum, but was instead one incident in a spate of aggressive moves by the Chinese military.

During 2000 and the first months of 2001, China was steadily increasing its military presence in the airspace and waters between the mainland coast and the First Island Chain, formed by Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The goal of this activity is to push out all other countries' forces – significantly the U.S. Air Force and Navy – and to establish unlimited Chinese control in this strategically and economically important zone.

This, by the way, would facilitate China's People's Liberation Army air force (PLAAF) and navy (PLAN) actions in a forthcoming conflict around Taiwan.

The Japanese navy and Philippines navy, indeed, have physically felt the drastic rise of PLAN pressure in the East China Sea and South China Sea, respectively, over the last few months.

So, direct collision of Chinese and U.S. forces at some moment was unavoidable.

A U.S. Navy vessel managed to escape a collision with a PLAN frigate on March 24, but another collision – between a Chinese fighter and a U.S. reconnaissance plane – did occur.

The second, probably more important question: Why have the Chinese been conducting such bold maneuvers against the U.S. and others?

Indeed, the Chinese side behaved in a surprisingly bold manner during the months preceding the collision, during the collision itself, and in the showdown with the U.S. administration after the incident.

There are two major reasons for China's increasing belligerence:

1) China has a mighty strategic rear, i.e., Russia, whose leaders firmly support any PLA action aimed at expansion and confrontation with the U.S.

In July of this year, China and Russia intend to sign a Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation, and will formalize their strategic military alliance. In fact, this new military axis between Beijing and Moscow has been in de facto existence since about mid-1999.

The new treaty prescribes, among other items, "joint resistance to the aggression against either of the two sides."

This particularly means unconditional support of China by the Russian side – with all resources available – in the case of a Sino-U.S. military conflict.

Such a position of the Russian side was confirmed in a telephone call between Jiang Zemin and Putin in mid-January this year.

Talks between these two supreme leaders takes place on a regular basis after their summit in July 2000.

The strongly negative attitude of the Kremlin to the U.S., especially toward the present U.S. administration, gives Chinese leaders "unshakable confidence" in Russian support.

2) PLA combat potential has increased very significantly during the last two years, and Russian military-technological assistance was the decisive factor here. Particularly:

a) It is common knowledge among analysts that China's PLAAF and PLAN aviation received hundreds, not "several dozen," of Russia's modern fighters and bombers.

By early April 2001, the PLA finished, or almost finished, staffing three fighter divisions with SU-series fighters.

Each division includes up to 72 Chinese-made and Russian-made SU-27 SK, SU-27 UB, and/or SU-30 MKK fighters.

This was achieved due to the work in the "prewar period regime" of key aircraft industry enterprises in China and Russia during the last 12-18 months. In addition, the PLA now has at least four divisions staffed with drastically upgraded – based on Russian technology – J-8 II M fighters.

Though each fighter of this kind is still inferior to an F-16 fighter, two of them are capable of downing one F-16.

Upgrading of several hundred J-7 fighters also adds to PLAAF potential.

All the fighters are equipped with Russian-made or Russian-technology-based air-to-air missiles (AAMs) and air-to-ground missiles (AGMs).

b) By April 2001, the PLA deployed in the coastal zone from Beijing to Hong Kong a theater missile defense (TMD) network, including the following Russian air-defense missile (ADM) systems:

  • up to 30 systems (battalions) of S-300 ADMs (12 ADM launchers, capable of simultaneously launching 48 ADMs, in one battalion) with a range up to 150 km and altitude up to 35 km;

  • at least 100 systems (companies) of Tor-M1 ADMs (4 ADM launchers, capable of simultaneously launching 8 ADMs, in one company) with range up to 40km and altitude up to 12 km;

  • hundreds of Qianwei (QW)-2 missile-artillery air-defense systems, copied from Russia's Tunguska system technology.

    Together with thousands of Chinese-made ADM systems of various kinds and many thousand air-defense artillery units, this makes a strong-enough TMD network, capable of effectively opposing massive air strikes "of Kosovo war scale", including land-attack cruise missile (LACM) strikes.

    c) By early 2001, China, utilizing advanced Russian technology, began serial production of comparatively advanced ground-based LACMs: the Changfeng (CF)-1, CF-2, HongNiao (HN)-1, and HN-2 with a range between 400 km and 1,800 km, with conventional and nuclear warheads.

    By preliminary data, several brigades of the PLA 2nd Artillery (Strategic Nuclear Forces) are staffed with these LACMs.

    Simultaneously, China started production of the HN-3 3,000-km-range strategic LACM, capable of both ground-based deployment and of installation on old H-6 bombers and the new-generation HJ-7/FBC-1 bombers.

    The number of such bombers in the PLA inventory now exceeds 100.

    The offensive potential of these LACMs, aimed at Taiwan as well as U.S. Army facilities in Japan and South Korea, by April 2001, probably surpassed that of several hundred short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) deployed around Taiwan.

    Also, in 1999-2000, the PLA received a significant quantity of DF-21 IRBMs with a range of 2,000 km to 2,900 km, a certain number of new-generation DF-31 ICBMs, and a greater number of MIRVed warheads for earlier installed DF-5 ICBMs.

    By April 2001, the PLA definitely had acquired a very substantial missile-strike potential, especially in regard to short- to mid-range missiles.

    d) PLAN modernization, though only half-completed, has realized great progress, mostly on the basis of Russian aid.

    This mainly includes the following:

  • Obtaining several Sovremennyy-class destroyers and Kilo-class submarines.

  • Re-equipping PLAN frigates and destroyers with very advanced Russian-made supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs), probably of the Moskit (Sunburn) and/or Yakhont types. This work began in November 2000.

    Most importantly, Jiang Zemin received an assurance from Putin that – in case of a serious crisis around Taiwan, or any other crisis related to direct conflict between Chinese and U.S. forces – a significant part of the Russian Pacific Fleet will "block the way of the U.S. Navy."

    Only the most important directions of PLA modernization are listed above, but there is no doubt that PLA combat potential rose to a new level between mid-1999 and April 2000.

    And this gives "unlimited boldness" to China's top leaders.

    U.S. policymakers can no longer ignore China's emergence, with the help of Russia, as a major Asian military power capable of projecting power well beyong her borders.

    The Chinese and PLA almost certainly will not risk direct confrontation before about autumn 2002. China, based on Russian aid, will accomplish between April 2001 and Autumn 2002 an additional "great leap forward" in several key areas of PLA construction, such as staffing several new fighter divisions with SU-27/SU-30 and J-10 4th-generation fighters, at least doubling the number of advanced ADM systems in the East China TMD network, deploying several hundred more ballistic missiles and LACMs of all ranges, and upgrading PLAN to the maximum possible degree.

    According to available data, it is our opinion that in the second half of 2002 the PLA will undertake an action against Taiwan, which means unavoidable U.S. involvement. Several recent statements of Jiang Zemin at high-ranking military meetings in Beijing confirm this forecast.

    Chinese leaders are especially counting on large-scale direct Russian military assistance, which could include even the actions of Russian strategic aircraft.

    So, what has happened over the first days of April 2001 should not be viewed as an isolated incident, but one in a chain of incidents that are the "first sparks" of a future grand fire.

    To avoid this coming conflict with China, policymakers and the public must wake up to the great threat – namely, the new Chinese-Russian military axis and its direct implications for Western security.

    Dr. Alexandr V. Nemets is a consultant for Science Applications International Corp., and a consultant to the American Foreign Policy Council. He is co-author of "Chinese-Russian Military Relations, Fate of Taiwan and New Geopolitics."

    Dr. Thomas J. Torda has been a Chinese linguist specializing in science and technology with FBIS, and a Chinese/Russian defense technology consultant with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

    Read more on this subject in related Hot Topics:

    West Blind to Soviet, Chinese Biological Superweapons
    Lev Navrozov
    Tuesday, April 10, 2001
    This short essay is a tiny glimpse into the docu-memoir I am now finishing under the tentative title "Out of Moscow and Into New York: A Life in the Geostrategically Lobotomized West in the Age of Post-Nuclear Superweapons."

    In 1992 President Boris Yeltsin of Russia opened for international inspection an honest-to-goodness archipelago that had been developing biological superweapons up to 1991. What is a superweapon? A weapon against which an opponent has neither defense, nor retaliatory deterrent. Firearms were Europe's superweapon with respect to the nations that had none. In 1945 there appeared superweapon No. 2 (nuclear arms), and Japan surrendered for all of her suicidal militarism. Up to 1991 Soviet Russia had been searching on a stupendous scale for a biological superweapon as superweapon No. 3.

    What stark historic truth follows from Yeltsin's exposure of the Soviet rulers' development on such a mind-boggling countrywide scale of a biological superweapon?

    Before 1992, a normal mentally average person could infer the Soviet rulers' development of superweapons on the basis of the following reasoning:

    An American common criminal may commit murder (and thus risk the apprehension and possible death sentence) in order to acquire several thousand, or even only several hundred dollars. The United States has never had absolutism, and hence many Americans cannot perceive the value of absolute power for its holder. But a holder of absolute power also controls the country's wealth, running into trillions of dollars if the country is large enough.

    If a common criminal is sufficiently motivated by several thousand or even hundred dollars to commit a risky murder, what about an absolute power-holder's trillions of dollars? The West subverts absolute power-holders by its very existence — by what has come to be called "democracy."

    Gorbachev hoped to obtain superweapon No. 3 to dominate the West and thus stop the subversion. He had failed to obtain superweapon No. 3 (but not for want of trying!) and had his absolute power subverted, from which Deng in China and his successors drew a lesson if they needed any, with Chinese absolutism flourishing for four if not five millennia. The Soviet rulers understood (what normal, mentally average person would not?) that in 1949 nuclear weapons ceased to be a global superweapon and became a deterrent—a means of mutual assured destruction. But surely science and technology did not stop in 1949! Hence the Soviet quest for superweapon No. 3.

    Yet in the twenty years — from 1972, when I came to the United States, up to 1992, when Yeltsin showed the bioweapons archipelago — I never read or saw or heard in the mainstream media even a conjecture that the Soviet rulers may develop biological or any other post-nuclear superweapons. I subscribed, in particular, to the Pentagon's annual publications The Soviet Military Power. No surmise of the Soviet stupendous development of biological or any other post-nuclear superweapons!

    After the defection of a participant in the Soviet mammoth project late in the 1980s, at least some Western leaders learned about it, but they kept secret the horrendous discovery from the public in order to preserve what they perceived as their "getting on well with" the Nobel Peace Prize-winner Gorbachev.

    The Chinese rulers' rationale for the development of superweapon No. 3 has been the same as was that of the Soviet rulers except that Chinese rulers rest on the millennia of Chinese absolutism. If not the fall of Gorbachev's absolutism, then the Tiananmen turmoil within China itself have shown them again that even the Chinese millennial absolutism is bound to be subverted by what came to be called "democracy" in the 20th century. They have to obtain superweapon No. 3, against which the West will have neither defense, nor way of retaliation, that is, will be in the position of Japan versus U.S. nuclear weapons in 1945.

    However, in terms of secrecy, the development of biological weapons in China differs from what it was in Soviet Russia. Why were the Soviet rulers so secretive about it? In the 1980s the Soviet nuclear missile power was at a par with NATO if not in excess of it. Moscow was already under a missile defense umbrella, while armed with cruise missiles, the Soviet submarines off the U.S. Pacific and Atlantic coastline would have been able to destroy the United States with cruise missiles even if President Reagan had realized his SDI against Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

    Obviously, the Soviet mammoth program of development of biological superweapons was the best proof of what Senator and then President Kennedy had called "the Soviet quest for world domination." Hence the Soviet rulers' development of biological superweapons was their secret of secrets, though they overreacted in this respect: they assumed that the West had a geostrategic brain, but even after it became clear that Gorbachev had been developing bacteriological superweapons on a stupendous scale, his Western image has remained as benign as before —the Nobel Peace Prize winner dedicated to peace and democracy.

    China has no need to fear that from her development of bacteriological superweapons the West will infer her quest for world domination: the West is sure to perceive the development of these weapons as China's compensation for her lack of nuclear missile parity with NATO. Therefore, while not a word alluding to the Soviet biological warfare research could ever be found in the Soviet media, "biological/bacteriological warfare" has been a household phrase in China, just as are the words "bombing" or "tanks" in the West and in Russia.

    In the chivalry of Judeo-Christian civilization, steel and then firearms were noble: "bombing," and even nuclear bombing, is an extension of artillery, and "tanks" are mechanized armored knights. On the other hand, the use of biological weapons is a monstrous crime against humanity. As we discussed this essay at lunch, Chris Ruddy, editor of NewsMax, drew a remarkable contrast: even Hitler, who annihilated over 12 million innocent irrelevant civilians, disdained biological warfare, while Tojo's Japan, not guilty of such mass annihilations, conducted biological warfare experiments on prisoners of war, in particular in China. The radio talk show host Barry Farber, present at the discussion, cited a case when the Germans during the Second World War observed international conventions in the treatment of prisoners of war even when they were Jews!

    As the Chinese rulers falsely accused the United States half a century ago of waging biological war in Korea, the Soviet media presented this never-was "war" as a "monstrous crime against humanity," while the Chinese media presented it as biological warfare, mortally dangerous, but not morally worse or better than, for example, bombing—in particular, nuclear bombing — and requiring war preparedness just as any other modern warfare.

    That was what China has since been doing openly and officially: preparing for biological warfare. Here is a generally available Chinese study of "military medicine," depicting and describing a mobile biological weapons detection lab as it was introduced in 1974. Apart from its instrumentation, quite sophisticated even by today's standards a quarter of a century later, it is supplied with about 200 bacteria and 50 virus samples for reference and identification.

    So, to keep the detection of germs up-to-date for defense against them, it is necessary to produce all possible latest germs as well. Defensive biological warfare research thus becomes also its offensive biological warfare counterpart.

    When the Chinese rulers signed in 1984 the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, they officially submitted the following list of "facilities of the national defensive biological warfare R & D program":

    (1) Dual Use/Biological Warfare Defense Research Facilities Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology.

    (2) Vaccine Production Facilities

    a. National Vaccine and Serum Institute

    b. Shanghai Institute of Biological Products

    c. Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products

    d. Changchun Institute of Biological Products

    e. Wuhann Institute of Biological Products

    f. Chengdu Institute of Biological Products

    g. Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

    Officially, all these biological warfare research institutions are defensive, and officially, no offensive biological superweapons are produced or developed. But unofficially? The impression is that the Chinese rulers do not, for the time being, mind the West knowing unoffically about their development of offensive biological superweapons to counter a possible Western nuclear missile shield, going back to Ronald Reagan's SDI, never realized. Here is in front of me — no, not an official document, either published or secret, but a four-page article (from the Wuhan TV station magazine) I have received from China. The article is about Guojia 863 jidua, National 863 Project. Translated from the Chinese:

    In early 1986 two famous Chinese scientists, Wang Da Ian and Chen Fong Uan, came up with a proposal for the development of new advanced technologies for defensive and offensive [!] warfare [the emphasis is mine — L.N.] After these two scientists recommendations had been approved, they and two other scientists, Wong Chi Chong and Yang Cha Chi, took their proposal on March 2, 1986, to the highest leader of China.

    Much to their plesant surprise, Deng Xiao Ping approved it promptly, on March 5, 1986, with this comment: "Execute it as quickly as possible! No delay!" After that there had been seven meetings, and on Nov. 18, 1986, the government put forward an outline of the high-tech development project, named "863." It was called "863" because Deng approved it in March 1986.

    The Project 863 has been doing research in seven broad areas of possible superweaponry, with genetic engineering, basic to biological warfare, at the top of the list. Since 1986 the double helix, symbolizing genetic engineering, has replaced in China the atom as the symbol of the leading national science and technology.

    Given the enormous possibilities of concentration of human and other resources on the growth of such a project in the peacetime, its geostrategic impact can readily be grasped. But I have not seen or heard it mentioned in the past 14 years in any testimony by the CIA or the Department of Defense or any other entity to the Congress. Nor has it been mentioned in such studies as "Case Study 6: People's Republic of China," published in 1998 by the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute in Alexandria, Va., or "China and Weapons of Mass Destruction," published in April 2000 by the National Intelligence Council and the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. It was only on Oct. 7, 2000, that I found the first mention in the West of the 863 Project — in a New York Times report from China (p. 3) about her dizzying progress in farming due to "genetically modified crops," in which China is leading the world. The quest for post-nuclear superweaponry at the 863 Project — in genetic engineering, for example —inevitably has a civilian spillover. Hence the dizzying Chinese progress in farming.

    One may think that the New York Times immediately commissioned a report from China on the 863 Project. Front-page epoch-making news! Fourteen years later, but better late than never. Deeply agitated, I phoned the correspondent, Craig Smith, in China. He turned out to be an extremely fine and intelligent person, and we exchanged a couple of e-mails.

    I seem to have been the only person interested in his three-paragraph description (inside his half-a-page agricultural article) of the 863 Project. Obviously, the New York Times has not been interested. The dizzying progress of Chinese farming due to genetic engineering as a spillover of the 863 biological weaponry research? Yes, this is interesting! But the biological weaponry research itself? The Western opinion-makers have not been interested in this life-or-death issue for the West, which does not have the geostrategic brain to worry about its geostrategic survival.

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    Chinese Navy Prepares to Invade Taiwan
    Charles R. Smith
    Monday, July 9, 2001
    The Chinese navy is designed not to win at sea but to enable the army to take Taiwan. The navy is intended to neutralize a U.S. fleet deployed in distant waters, while supporting a PLA war on Asian soil.

    "All they have to do is go 100 miles, not 10,000 miles," stated one intelligence official who asked not to be identified.

    In support of the land-based strategy, the People's Liberation Army navy recently acquired two Russian-made Soveremenny Destroyers armed with nuclear-tipped SS-N-22 Sunburn cruise missiles. In addition, China has added two newly built Luhu and two Luhai destroyers, armed with C-801 cruise missiles.

    However, U.S. intelligence officials all agree that the future Chinese threat will come from under the sea. In May, a PLA navy Ming-class attack submarine conducted secret underwater operations for more than a month without being detected by U.S. forces.

    The Ming submarine left the port of Qingdao on the Yellow Sea, opposite South Korea, and was observed by satellite returning 31 days later. The diesel-electric Ming-class boat is equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles and can lay advanced torpedo homing mines.

    Chinese Subs Threaten U.S.

    More disturbing is the fact that the Ming-class subs will soon be replaced by a new generation of Chinese nuclear attack submarines designated Type 093. Chinese Type 093 atomic subs could easily prowl off the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts of the United States. Intelligence officials confirmed the first Type 093 nuclear attack submarine becomes operational in 2002.

    "Looks like the [Type] 093 is an 02 operation," stated the intelligence official. "The [Type] 094 might be an 04 job."

    "The 093 will be a potent attack sub," noted the Pentagon source. "Armed with LACMs [Land Attack Cruise Missiles], the 093 will also be capable of limited power projection."

    The Chinese navy is also building a new class of Type 094 ballistic-missile submarines. These much larger submarines are similar to the Russian Delta-class missile boats that patrolled off the U.S. coasts during the Cold War. Each Type 094 is armed with 16 long-range DF-31 missiles, capable of showering any city inside the United States with nuclear bombs.

    "They will be potent platforms when they emerge," asserted the Pentagon source.

    "The 094 SSBNs will likely be designed to operate from the Yellow Sea area, which will force the PLAN to focus on the surface ships and aircraft to defend a 'Bastion' in the Soviet sense as developed by the late Admiral Sergei Gorshkov."

    Chinese Navy Inc.

    The Chinese military is not the only seaborne force being upgraded by Beijing. China is also seeking to dominate the commercial waves globally. China has nearly 20 percent of all export orders for new ships. By 2010, China State Shipbuilding Co., or CSSC, will triple yard output and claim more than 50 percent of global ship commercial construction orders.

    Yet the Chinese navy owns and operates CSSC. There is no question that Western technical and financing assistance given to CSSC commercial yards directly improved Chinese warship production.

    Since 1990, 10 of China's largest yards have acquired Western computer-aided design and manufacture software. CSSC is using Western-built "TRIBON" software to design and produce warships. Since 1990, CSSC has introduced a whole new generation of capable Chinese warships including the Luhu- and Luhai-class destroyers.

    CSSC reports to directly to the PLA unit known as COSTIND or the Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. It is worth noting that in 2000, COSTIND declared shipbuilding a "strategic industry."

    COSTIND acquired advanced technology from Europe for the PLA navy such as French anti-aircraft systems and German engines for warships. In fact, German-designed diesel MTU-EV493 engines power all PLA navy Song-class submarines. The engines are being built and installed on the advanced Chinese submarines without license by CSSC.

    Advanced U.S. Ship Technology

    COSTIND intelligence operations during the 1990s also included access to advanced ship technology from the United States. According to 1995 Chinese military documents, signed by COSTIND commanding Gen. Ding Henggao, China sought to import a vast array of amphibious U.S. ship building technology.

    The documents were obtained by federal court order from the U.S. Commerce Department. The PLA documents were distributed through Ding's personal contact inside the Clinton White House then-Defense Secretary William Perry.

    According to the COSTIND documents, China wanted to buy a "large scale ocean air cushion vessel with side walls in sea (about 400 passengers)", a "large-scale ocean hydrofoil boat with twin-hull and surfing boat (with about 300 passengers)" and a "aerofoil boat and ram wing boat."

    It is obvious that China's planned attack on Taiwan requires amphibious assault vehicles. U.S. defense analysts are alarmed because the PLA navy is now producing large numbers of amphibious carrier ships very similar to U.S Navy's LCAC air-cushion ship.

    In 1998, COSTIND and CSSC engineers worked successfully with Moscow on advanced air cushion technology for the Chinese navy. COSTIND signed a $4 billion deal with Russia to produce 100 high-speed amphibious ships annually from Chinese shipyards. One such Chinese navy air-cushion landing-ship now in production is called the "Swan."

    Chinese Aircraft Carrier

    U.S. defense officials assert the Chinese navy resembles the 1941 German Kreigsmarine, relying on fast, heavily armed, surface raiders and attack submarines. It does not have to win to be victorious.

    However, to invade Taiwan and beat the United States the Chinese navy will have to fight at sea. Will it become a true blue-water fleet?

    "They have no need for a blue-water surface fleet for years," noted the intelligence official.

    "The PLA could indeed build a blue water fleet, but do they want that now, and do they want it enough to spend the money," stated another defense source.

    "My guess is that after Taiwan is consumed, then they will spend the money for a blue water fleet. Still, it may not resemble a U.S. fleet, but perhaps more of a late Soviet fleet, with aircraft carriers designed to support submarines as the main strike force."

    Is China capable of building an aircraft carrier? Defense and intelligence analysts agree that China can build a medium-sized aircraft carrier similar to the Russian Kuznetsov. Such a carrier would be equipped with a naval version of the SU-27 Flanker strike fighters and helicopter anti-submarine units.

    "There are rumors that a carrier designed by the Russkies is being built in China, but I emphasize 'rumors'," stated the intelligence official.

    "Sure, they could build one, but the question is whether they have the real need for one and are ready to commit the resources necessary for the task?" asked the Pentagon source.

    "For these questions the answers are unclear. But we know they have been studying the carrier, both to attack and to build, for decades. The PLAN wants carriers and their attendant escorts. But for the Taiwan war, the PLA's first priority, they do not need a carrier. Fujian Province is enough of an aircraft and missile carrier."

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    Now, for something from a totally different perspective (or maybe not)...

    Muskegon, Michigan

    The Dragon Stirs
    (Posted 10/11/01)

    I experienced the following vision:

    I seemed to be high up in the heavens, looking down upon the earth. The earth appeared as a globe to my eyes. The Lord was standing next to me. I saw a huge golden dragon on the earth that appeared to be asleep. For some reason, though, I sensed the dragon was very aware of all that was transpiring around it.

    "What is this dragon?" I asked the Lord.

    "It is the spirit of a nation," the Lord replied.

    I then saw groups of men and women of every nation and nationality converging upon a certain spot on the earth. They were entering into a large meeting room. Yet, a few of the men and women first met with one another secretly and privately before the big group meeting. I watched as they solemnly nodded, and shook hands.

    I then saw as the dragon opened one red tinged eye, stirred slightly, and gazed fixedly at this smaller group of men and women. The group of men and women who had met with one another in secret, joined the rest of the men and women in the large room. The dragon closed its eye, and appeared to go back to sleep. Yet I was once again pricked with the uneasy sensation that the dragon was not truly asleep, but was in fact very aware of all that was going on around it.

    The men and women in the large meeting room appeared to be discussing and debating heated issues. There were piles of papers in front of each person, and they were reading and reciting from these papers. The debates and discussions became more and more heated. I watched as a small group of people from two nations got to their feet, and walked from the room. Pandemonium broke out after their departure.

    "Who were those people who just walked out?" I asked the Lord.

    "The Americans and the Israelis," the Lord replied.

    Once again, the dragon opened one of its eyes and surveyed this scene that was taking place. The dragon appeared to give a small smile of satisfaction. The dragon stirred slightly, and almost without appearing to do so, moved itself in a soft slithering motion into the large meeting room. It then curled itself back up, shut its eye, and once again appeared to fall back asleep. Yet from its very stillness, I once again sensed very strongly that the dragon was indeed awake and aware. I experienced a very sinister feeling in regard to this dragon.

    The large group disbursed after a time of more heated debates and discussions. After the large meeting broke up, the small group of men and women who had met secretly and privately, met with each other once again. A few of them then met with a new set of people. After a time of talking, they all nodded, shook hands, and left. While these other meetings were transpiring, the dragon stirred once again and stared through one opened eye at these people. After the people left, the golden dragon slithered softly and silently from the scene.

    "Who are these people who keep meeting secretly?" I asked the Lord. "They are the leaders of certain nations," the Lord replied. "They have their own agenda. Their agenda is quite different from what was taking place in the larger meeting. What they speak with their lips, and what is actually in their mind to do, are quite different."

    As I continued to gaze down at the earth, I began to see what appeared to be veins and tunnels running through certain sections of the earth. I was puzzled and perplexed as to what these veins and tunnels represented. "What are these veins and tunnels?" I asked the Lord.

    "They are secret entrances into certain cities and countries," the Lord replied. "What you are observing is a very detailed network of undercover agents and operatives. Much planning has gone into this network. Many nations are involved in this network. There is an even smaller number of nations who have an even more secret and sinister agenda than this present network. This smaller group of nations is using what is being made available to them to further their agenda, but they have already made plans to one day dispose of those they are presently using. This is a sinister plot of tremendous evil in high places."

    A chill spread through my body at the Lord's words.

    I then saw as small groups of darkly cloaked people began to appear on the veins and tunnels I had just noticed. The people and the veins and tunnels appeared to be highly organized.

    "Who are these people?" I asked the Lord.

    "Mercenaries," the Lord replied. "They are the puppets of the smaller groups of people who met in secret that you observed previously."

    I then saw the golden dragon in the heavens where I was. We appeared to be in the outer space region around the earth, for I saw the moon and stars, and the sky was very dark. The golden dragon was breaking up and hurling a large object from the sky. This large object looked like some sort of a giant satellite.

    "What is this large object?" I asked the Lord.

    "It was a defense mechanism your country was setting in place," the Lord replied. "Making it inoperable was one of the items that was discussed by the small group of people you observed."

    The dragon then flew swiftly and silently through the dark sky and landed in a country I saw was the country of China. The dragon then met with groups of people from its own nation. After their meetings were finished, I saw as other people from other nations joined them, and new discussions began. I was extremely perturbed and puzzled as I saw these meetings transpiring.

    "What is happening here?" I asked the Lord.

    "The fate of your country, as well as other countries, is being discussed," the Lord replied. "There is an agenda. There is a plan. These people you are observing operate on many different levels, but each of them has their own agenda."

    After the groups of people left China, there were more meetings with groups of Chinese people. The dragon was now fully awake.

    When the meetings were over, I watched as the dragon silently slithered from the meeting room. When it was outside, I saw as the golden dragon flew into the sky, gave a tremendous roar, opened wide its mouth, and began to devour and swallow whole nations. To my amazement, most of the people of these nations appeared totally oblivious to the fact that they were being swallowed and devoured.

    "What is this?" I asked the Lord. "What's happening here?"

    "This is China's secret and hidden agenda," the Lord replied. "The dragon will use whoever and whatever it can avail itself of to further its own agenda. It will work from within nations, seemingly as a harmless friend seeking to strengthen and promote political ties. Yet at the end, the dragon will seek to devour all in its path. It will turn on all who have secretly conspired with it. It will come up against your nation, and the nation of Israel also," the Lord continued. "These will be troublesome times."

    "When, Lord?" I asked. "When will these things be?"

    "It has already begun," the Lord replied. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear what My Spirit is speaking to My children. He who has eyes to see, let him see what is transpiring in the spiritual realm. Be alert. Be prepared. Be on guard. Be not deceived by any means."

    For the first time became aware of an extremely large angel standing next to the Lord and I. This angel had a large, drawn sword in its hand. The sword was like a flame of fire.

    "Who is this angel?" I asked the Lord, "and what is this flaming sword in his hand?"

    "This is the destroying angel," the Lord replied, "and the sword of the Lord."

    I then saw as groups of people began to cry out warnings to the world.

    "Who are these people?" I asked the Lord.

    "My messengers and prophets," the Lord replied.

    I heard as one group of messengers and prophets shouted one thing, and other groups of messengers and prophets shouted something that seemed totally contrary to what the other group had just spoken. I was becoming more and more confused.

    "Why does it seem so many of the messengers and prophets are speaking contrary words?" I asked the Lord. "Which group have You truly spoken to?"

    "I have and I am speaking to both groups of messengers and prophets," the Lord replied.

    I then saw as what appeared to be a thick blanket of mist was dropped over the messengers and prophets. I could somehow see through the blanket of mist, though. The messengers and prophets appeared to be quite agitated and very unsure of what was happening to them. A large hand appeared and began to drive the messengers and prophets into dens and caves.

    "What is this?" I asked the Lord. "What's happening to the messengers and prophets?"

    "I am calling them into the caves," the Lord replied. "They are filled with self-doubt and are beginning to wonder if I have truly spoken to them. I will nourish them in the caves with My words during their season of darkness. During this time, they will shed all their self-sufficiency, and learn to lean totally and completely upon Me. They will hear no other voice for a season besides My voice. When they come forth from the dens and caves where they are being driven and hidden, they will come forth speaking only what they have heard and what they hear My Spirit speaking unto them. This is a time when I will be teaching them to fully discern My voice from all other voices."

    The Lord and I were still up in the heavens, looking down to the earth, observing all that was transpiring upon the earth. The dragon was still devouring whole nations and peoples. The destroying angel with the drawn, flaming sword still stood next to the Lord and I.

    I then saw as the messengers and prophets who had been driven and hidden in the dens and caves came crawling and stumbling out of the dens and caves. They appeared completely broken both physically and from within. I then saw as angels came to the messengers and prophets and began to feed, nourish and minister unto them.

    When the messengers and prophets began to regain their strength, I saw as walls appeared in the distance. The messengers and prophets saw the walls, and began to run swiftly towards these walls. When they reached the walls, they climbed quickly to the tops of the walls and began to cry out loud warnings and instructions to the people gathered around the walls. Some of the people listened to the words of the messengers and prophets; others did not listen.

    "What is this?" I asked the Lord.

    "I have set these messengers and prophets as watchmen," the Lord replied. "They will not hold their peace day nor night. They will continually lift up their voices. They will spare none of the words I speak to them. All I tell them, they will declare."

    I then heard a loud roar. I turned and saw the golden dragon flying towards the messengers and prophets. The dragon was enraged. When the dragon reached the messengers and prophets who remained standing steadfastly upon the walls, the dragon began to devour them.

    The Lord lifted up His right hand. I then saw the destroying angel with the flaming sword shoot down as a lightning bolt towards the dragon. The dragon saw the angel approaching, and curled itself up amongst the people and nations it had been devouring. The dragon opened its mouth, and the people and nations it had swallowed and devoured came streaming forth from its mouth. They were armed for battle. They began battling the messengers and prophets on the walls. The destroying angel with the flaming sword also began to do battle, and attacked both the dragon and the warriors who had come from the dragon's mouth.

    I saw as nation after nation was conquered, the people bound and enslaved. Many of these bound and enslaved people and nations, were then armed by the dragon and they also became warriors for the dragon.

    I then saw two nations and two groups of people who had not been devoured. The dragon was now completely covering with its body all the other nations. These two last nations and groups of people had been under attack, though, and I saw many scenes of bloody devastation within these nations. I saw bands of angels surrounding these two remaining nations and groups of people. The dragon and its warriors could not penetrate past these angels.

    "Why are these the only two remaining nations and peoples?" I asked the Lord.

    "It is only My word, My presence, which is protecting them," the Lord replied. "The final battle will be between Myself and the dragon."

    "When, Lord?" I asked.

    "When it is the set time," the Lord replied. "All things are being set in place. Many leaders are unknowingly being manipulated by those who have their own agenda. Many leaders are under plans to be slain. Their predecessors are already in place, with their agendas set in order.

    "Those who hear My voice, and seek after Me, will not be dismayed or deceived by these things. Their eyes will see clearly; their ears will hear clearly, what is occurring in spiritual realms. I have allowed a small time of grace and mercy while the prayers and cries of many are lifted up to Me. Yet I am seeking not only the cries and the prayers of people. I am seeking their consecration. I will establish My covenant with those of a heart which is perfect towards Me. I will be their God, and they will be My people. "The conspiracies are agreed upon, and are in place," the Lord said. "But My children, fear none of these things. You will be betrayed, yet fear not, for I am with you and will not leave you defenseless. I have given My children weapons to war with: prayer, supplications, fastings, consecration. I will bring the counsel of the wicked against you to naught. Advance My Kingdom while it is still day. The night is coming. Thick and gross darkness will cover the land. My word will be precious. My children will not be a prey. I will be their bulwark and their defense. Trust in Me, My children, and fear none of these things which will shortly come to pass."


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