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Radiological Scientific Officer

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The old man himself! Bruce Beach
January 1998

I am the only non-governmental Radiological Scientific Officer in Canada. I graduated second in the last class that was taught. The pre-requisite for the course was supposedly a Ph.D in physics plus the previous required courses which I had completed with top grades. While I did not have the required degree I had the good fortune to room next to the top student in the class who permitted me to study with him each evening and sit with him at each meal. We also sat next to each other in class and therefore were always able to team up on in-class projects. It was through his great assistance that I managed to come in second.

Prior to that course I had taken three previous government courses. The first in the U.S. and the second and third in Canada. I had also graduated as the Honor Student from a specialized USAF AACS school and based upon this, and work experience with the Western Electric Company as an engineer, was offered a high paying job as a civilian doing the acceptance inspection for the USAF nuclear missile sites, which I declined.

Over the past many years I have built 24 shelters ranging in capacity from one person to 500. They have been of almost every design conceivable. I was president of a shelter manufacturers association and have written a widely distributed booklet entitled, You Will Survive Doomsday, which is available to you FREE for the downloading.

In fact, I probably became the most notorious shelter builder in the world. Several major newspapers, in both the United States and Canada, did multiple page articles about me . There was a front page article with a picture on the front page of the Canadian national newspaper, and there was an article about me in the national magazine. There were, over the years, dozens of lesser newspaper and magazine articles and I spoke on more radio shows than I can count, often being interviewed by phone from thousands of miles away.

I taught a college course on survival have been the guest speaker at other college's survival courses and numerous conferences on survival. All told, millions of people have heard me or heard about me, including thousands on a face to face basis in various presentations and shelter tours. I have even been the subject of a post-doctoral dissertation by two Ph.Ds from the University of California.

You probably cannot imagine the number or variety of survivalist groups that I have met with and heard their ideas. I have also, at one time or another, talked with most of the survivalist leaders in North America and have read many, many volumes of ideas and thoughts on the subject. At this point I am surprised if I hear anything new.

Interest in this subject has come in waves. The Berlin Wall crises, the Falkland Island crises, the Gulf War crises, some particular movie or some other event. Presently, most of North America feels that peace has been declared and that the threat of nuclear war no longer exists. This feeling could change with events in the world, but the reality is that the nuclear capacity for destruction continues to increase and not lessen in spite of SALT and whatever. In the next few years it is possible that millennial concepts may bring new concerns. However, I am not trynng here to convince others about my views whether geo-political, economic, religious, prophetic or whatever.

Over the last many years, my wife and I have distributed free well over one hundred thousand booklets to try to prepare people for a nuclear holocaust. We have never charged a dime for doing this. My position is that I cannot play God, deciding who I will help, so I cannot put up the barrier of money in refusing to help someone, therefore I offer the help freely to everyone.

I happened to be putting up a web page for another purpose so I thought I would continue my previous policy and offer my help, on this subject, through this medium. So, if you have any questions feel free to ask. If this page should happen to get a lot of questions then maybe I will add a FAQ portion.

This has already seemed like a lot of breeze but if you would like to know still something more about me personally, and my other interests, then you can

link to my personal web page.

 If you wish to consult with me, then E-mail your questions to me at:

For those interested in building a nuclear fallout shelter, in addition to my free books site, the following are four very good sources to look at:

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Bruce Beach Nuclear Survival Resources & Ark II Fallout Shelter Site
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